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We’re in Libya

31 Mar

Have you ever stood up for a friend? When it wasn’t really your fight, but you were more capable of taking on the challenge? Because your friend had done the same thing for you? Is it wrong to stand up for your friends?

This may seem simplistic, and yet President Obama is being criticized for going in to Libya in order to aid our European allies. No, we weren’t directly at risk, but they were. And guess who has our back in other places around the world?

We have alliances for a reason. We can’t expect them to be one-sided.

In South Dakota

30 Mar

In South Dakota, there’s a 48 hour waiting period before purchasing a handgun. No permit is required. Police record who buys the gun.

In South Dakota, there’s a 72 hour waiting period before receiving an abortion. Anti-abortion counseling is required before the waiting period starts. Religious groups, who are not bound by privacy laws, record all the women who come in for counseling.

I’m not against real counseling, but it should be done by healthcare professionals who are bound to protect their patients’ personal information. And I don’t think it should be easier to obtain a gun than an abortion.

Bonus Science Content: Math is for Boys

29 Mar

I’m not certain if I find this funny or sad.

This is an article about a new study from the University of Washington which tells us that children as young as second grade have absorbed the stereotype that girls aren’t good at math, that math is for boys. It contains some useful hints for helping your daughters overcome this stereotype, while at the same time, falling prey to it.

“…if she works at [math], she CAN be good at it.” The line assumes that all girls are naturally not good at math. And they wonder where the stereotype comes from.

Wal-Mart at the Supreme Court

29 Mar

Today, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in the Wal-Mart discrimination suit. Today will not be about whether or not Wal-Mart actually discriminated against women, but about whether the women can file suit in a single, nationwide class-action.

I’ve written about this before. Today, I am focused on the judges. The conservative majority has a history of siding with big business, but doing so in this case would mean ignoring 45 years of precedent.

I’m encouraged by the three women on the bench. It’s harder to pretend discrimination doesn’t really exist when you’re sitting next to people who’ve faced it.


Bonus Pop Culture Content: SuckerPunch

28 Mar

I enjoyed SuckerPunch. I did not go into it expecting Oscar caliber performances, a great script, or a deeply engaging plot. I went to see it to SEE it, and the visuals did not disappoint. The plot/writing/acting wasn’t bad enough to pull me out of the visually engaging world on the screen.

The layering of realities one and two wasn’t done as well as I would have liked, but there was enough complexity there that we could argue about the layering after the movie, and being able to argue about a movie is always good among my group of friends.

Next Great American Restaurant (3)

28 Mar

I was happy to see Alex go home. I agree with Bobby that he was in the wrong competition. His whole “I want to be cool” attitude never seemed quite right for a fast casual restaurant. Fast casual restaurants are for professionals on their lunch break, or to grab a quick dinner on the way home. While there are places to sit in the restaurant, most people expect to take the food to go. For those who do stay, they’re likely to be families. Do you want to bring your kids into a bar setting? Plus, he had bad food.


Next Great American Restaurant (2)

27 Mar

Before tonight’s episode, I want to list my three favorite restaurant ideas on Next Great American Restaurant. Far and away, number one is Soul Daddy’s. I can tell you right now that I would eat at a fast casual soul food restaurant.

After that is Spice Coast. I live in the land of Indian take-out, but I would happily have another option.

Finally, Sinners & Saints. I love the “Food for your Mood” slogan, and there are definitely times when I want to try a healtheri version of a favorite and others when I want all the decadence there is.


American Idol (2)

26 Mar

A few notes about this week’s American Idol.

-Jennifer’s eye shadow on Wednesday night scared me. It was like she was a blue raccoon.

-No one was spectacular on Wednesday night, but no one was awful, either. And that leads to bad results for the performers at the beginning of the show, because the audience doesn’t remember them.

-Which means it wasn’t too surprising that Casey was at the bottom. However, as soon as Ryan said that, I knew the judges would use their save. I don’t think they would have for Stefano, but for Casey, it was a no-brainer.


Rent vs Buy

25 Mar

I had a hard time trying to decide what to post about this week. I chose the “Never own a home again” thread because it addresses a question I think a lot of people are considering right now.

Each person should make their own decisions about owning vs. renting. We own. Part of that is peace of mind. Yes, we’ll have taxes and insurance, but having no other housing costs once we retire seems pretty ideal. In addition, we have dogs, which always makes it harder to get the deposit back when you rent, adding to the long term costs.

Home Invasion

24 Mar

We have ants. This is not new. Twice a year, spring and fall, they invade.

The problem with sugar ants is that while they do go after food, simply keeping the kitchen clean and food sealed away does not get rid of them or keep them away. They take over. We have ants in the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the bathroom.

Plus, they stink like crazy when you kill them.

We haven’t called an exterminator before because of the dogs, but this year, they’re really getting to me, and I’ve found a place that claims to use pet friendly techniques.


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