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Video Game Advertising

30 Nov

Video games, much like D&D a generation ago, are fighting the perception that violence in the games leads to violence in the real world. The industry is trying to police itself with the ratings system, to keep the government from getting involved. Given that, you would think that a game would not advertise itself by showing video game violence in the real world. Apparently not. The new Assassin’s Creed commercial shows people on a modern city street being attacked. Note to the Assassin’s Creed advertising folks- we’re really trying to keep video game violence out of the real world. Thanks.

MythBusters (ep 155)

29 Nov

I’ve never seen the movie the myth came from, but do people really think a muzzle flash is going to set off a room of methane? And even if it did, you singe your eyebrows, not blow up the room. Anyone whose ever messed up lighting a pilot light knows this.

Underwater car is one of my favorite myths, so I enjoyed the revisit. But, given the circumstances, I don’t know why breaking a window wasn’t an option, especially since the windshield cracked so badly on impact. I’d be kicking that thing out ASAP to get out of the car.

Dominion (for the win)

28 Nov

My mother bought us a copies of Dominion and Settlers of Catan as early Christmas gifts. (Its like I’m a kid again.) We’ve played one game of Settlers, which is fun, but takes some time. We’ve played at least six games of Dominion, at least 4 in a row this evening. Besides being fun, and quite quick paced once you get the hang of it, no one game of Dominion is exactly like another because of the randomness. So far its been four player games, but I see some two player games in our future. Quick and lots of fun.

Word Counts

27 Nov

We recently replaced my computer. I love my faster processor and better graphics card. Plus, we got my old computer set up in the office as a print server. I planned ahead and got a copy of Windows 7, which I have no problems with. The one thing I forgot, a new version  of Office. I don’t have a copy for this new computer, and WordPad doesn’t count words. Word Press has a guestimate word counter- it counts characters, assumes each word should be x characters long, and then guesses. So for now I am counting my own words.

MythBusters (Thanksgiving Day Marathon)

26 Nov

So I have not watched this week’s new MythBusters, yet, since I had family arriving Wednesday evening. It is sitting on the DVR, waiting, probably until Sunday afternoon, when we send everyone home. But, if you’re looking for your weekly MythBusters fix, I’ll comment on one of my favorites (from the Thanksgiving day marathon).

I love the viewer specials. The Lego ball especially speaks to my childhood. I totally would have been part of the volunteers building that thing. However, I would not have wanted to be one of the people who had to clean it up when it broke.

Being Thankful

25 Nov

I am thankful for a wonderful husband, two sweet and cuddly (if not always good) dogs, loving parents, a brother who I may not always agree with, and good friends. I am thankful for the roof over our heads, the good job that helps keep it there, and the bounty in our lives that we are able to share with loved ones.

Recently I have been a little too stressed, too caught up in everything. Today, I take the time to remind myself exactly how wonderful my life is. Sometimes, 100 words isn’t  enough, but it will have to do.

Too Many Clothes

24 Nov

There’s an experiment called Six Items or Less, where you go an entire month wearing only six items of clothing. There are some items you don’t count- underwear, shoes, etc.,  but for the most part, you pick six items of clothing and only wear them exclusively for a month. Often, no one notices.

While I am tempted by the six item clothing diet, I don’t know that I could do it. Still, I do have too many clothes. In just the last two weeks, I’ve taken over $200 worth of clothes to Goodwill, and my closet is still too full.

Snowpocalypse 2010 (part 1)

23 Nov

Roughly every two years, it snows in Seattle. And yet, Seattle is never prepared. The worst thing about snow is people who so over react that by trying to drive “safely” they are actually the most dangerous person on the road. Take the lady who stopped at the end of the freeway on ramp (no meter), backing up 4 cars, then got on the freeway going 30. The visibility was better than on most rainiy days and the roads were wet but not slick. Still, it wouldn’t have been so bad if she at least had had her headlights on.


22 Nov

November has been a month of fail.

For the first time in quite a while, I didn’t get a post up at 8am this morning- FAIL.

I also have not worked on my novella for more than fifteen minutes this entire month. That half hour a day that was my goal- FAIL.

We’re over budget on groceries and eating out- FAIL.

My mother-in-law’s washer just died, so it looks like we need to buy her a new one- FAIL

It took 20 minutes to fill up the gas tank on the car yesterday- FAIL

Can it be December already, please?


21 Nov

If I can get over the facts that 2010 isn’t over yet, or that 2000-2010 isn’t a decade, its 11 years, the CMT 40 Greatest Songs of the Decade wasn’t a bad show. The issue is that they should never get to put these compilations together until at least 2 years after the decade has ended. Doing it this early, you reward the newcomers. I’m not saying Taylor Swift doesn’t deserve to have a song (or two) on the countdown, but one that is higher rated than either Faith Hill’s Breath or Leann Womack’s I Hope You Dance?  Think people.

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