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Blog Feature: Life with Beagle

30 Mar

Can you guess what first drew me to this blog? Can you? I know it’s hard, but maybe I can give you a hint…

Yes, I’m a sucker for Beagles, mostly because of my own little Junebug. And while I may be a little biased in thinking June is perhaps the cutest of Beagles, Lulu is certainly right up there in adorableness. And it’s because she’s so adorable that I want to help Christie turn her into a bona fide internet meme. The problem is, I’m not good at pithy comments. So I’m asking you to go caption the photo.

Blog Feature: Eyes on the Dollar

23 Mar

What first drew me to Eyes on the Dollar was the fact that she’s an optometrist. I spent three years working for ophthalmologists, so I have a passing interest in those who care for eyes for a living. I’ve stuck around because Kim’s writing is clear, funny, and easy to read. She is a storyteller at heart, and that makes for the best kind of blogging, especially when your topic might be considered kind of boring, like personal finance. (I cannot read a blog that’s written like a text book or journal article.)

And even better, Kim does animal rescue.

Blog Feature: Dachshund Nola

09 Mar

It’s a great time to head on over and meet Nola the Dachshund. Why? Because this week she celebrated her second blogiversary! That’s right, she’s been on the internet since she was 5 months old and winning more hearts every single day.

In those two years, she’s earned her Canine Good Citizenship certificate, obtained 3 minions (and you know good minions are hard to find), gone running on the beach, and now, she’s even watching over some baby goats. Plus, she’s the co-host of one of my favorite blog hops, Black & White Sunday.

Nola, you are one busy girl!

Blog Feature: Beating Broke

02 Mar

My favorite thing about Beating Broke is the honesty. The thing I love most about personal finance blogs is the “personal” part. If I wanted just straight finance, I’d go to the library. I love this personal part because it reminds me that we are all in very different situations and just because something is not right for me, or goes against prevailing advice, doesn’t mean it isn’t the right choice for someone.

BB reminds us of that this week, telling us Why I’m Withdrawing Money from an IRA. It goes against traditional advice, but it’s still a smart move.

Blog Feature: My Life in Blog Years

23 Feb

My Life in Blog Years features a lovely Golden and an adorable long haired Dachshund. You should go visit just for the pictures of these two cuties. But it is more than just pictures. There are great stories about the dogs, plus, the blogger is originally from Seattle, my adopted home town.

This week she writes about the most popular and trendiest names for puppies in 2012. My confession? I have NEVER named a pet. Not once. My parents named the pets I grew up with. All other pets have come to us with names that we have never changed.

Blog Feature: Live the New Economy

16 Feb

Live the New Economy is a blog about a family preparing for the father’s transition from military service into the civilian world , and what they need to do to be comfortable financially without the guarantee of a government paycheck. Or at least that’s what it started out to be about. Like most personal finance blogs it’s grown and changed a bit as the writer has grown and changed.

That’s not to say they aren’t still prepping for the transition to civilian life, just that the blog has become about more than that. I love this post on Finding Balance.

Blog Feature: My Brown Newfies

09 Feb

I don’t know how anyone could not love Newfoundlands. They are giant, sweet, gentle, loving slobber machines, and I’ve never met a single one I would not leave alone with a toddler (if I could trust the toddler). But just loving the dogs doesn’t mean I have to love the blog.

But I do love this blog. I love the honesty, the pictures, and willingness to share even the hard things about being a pet parent.

This week, I’m highlighting her post on show dogs. I have some issues with the AKC, but I still love a good dog show.

Blog Feature: Brave New Life

02 Feb

Brave New Life was one of the first financial blogs I started reading. He’s on a pretty intense journey to early retirement in order to have more time to spend with his wife and kids. They’ve downsized their home and their lives in order to make this happen. But he’s also started looking for ways to earn money without going to work.

One of those is investing. I’m trying to learn about investing myself, so I’m a huge fan of his Investing Q&A post where he answers questions from his readers about investing. Maybe I should have sent one in.

Blog Feature: Borderblog

26 Jan

My favorite things about Borderblog? The dogs, of course. And the bunnies. You can see pictures of all the adorable in this week’s Sleeping Arrangements. But beyond the cute, the blog is full of great information.

Nicki is a vet, so she writes useful posts about animal health. Currently, she’s on part 5 of a series on parasites. In fact, I first read the blog when she did a post on hemangiosarcoma.

But she also does agility with all three of the dogs, who are at varying levels within the sport. I love hearing about how their training is going.

Blog Feature: Careful Cents & The Debt Movement

19 Jan

I’m about three weeks late to this, but better late than never, right? I’m featuring Careful Cents and The Debt Movement. Carrie at Careful Cents is a great storyteller, and her blog is full of useful information. In What’s Your Debt Story, she gives a quick overview of her own story and information you need to join The Debt Movement.

What is The Debt Movement? It’s a project with the purpose of paying off 10 million in debt over 90 days. It’s ambitious, but paying off all your debt is ambitious, and it’s easier when you’re in it with others.

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