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A Working Vacation

03 Sep

I have been on vacation, but doing fairly well with keeping the daily posts up until today. Sorry about that.

My mom is here, and with her help we have been cleaning the house and doing yard work, lots and lots of yard work. (The fight against the blackberries is never ending.)

She also bought us a new love seat, so the living room has been rearranged.

She goes home this afternoon, so I’ll get a couple days left of the weekend to relax, but its been good having her here. And my house and yard really do look better.


22 Dec

Hydrostatic water pressure is one of my least favorite phrases because if I’m using it, it means my basement has flooded, again. One of the first times it flooded, we thought a pipe had burst because water was geysering up around a pipe. No, just that much water pressure in the ground.

Two years ago the city made improvements to our neighborhood to help with flooding. It appears to have made it worse in our house. Now, we have water coming in from two places, the new one in the finished portion of the basement. Time for a professional opinion.


13 Jun

I am bad at weekends. Or, I am good at weekends and therefore bad at writing during them. Yesterday, I cleaned the kitchen, mowed the side yard, took the dogs on a long walk, went to friends’ for burgers and a movie, came home and helped Charles clean off the dining room table in anticipation of friends coming over today.

This morning, I started another load of dishes and vacuumed. Now, I’ve got two napping doggies relaxing on the bed before the excitement of visitors and being in the living room (with its lovely giant window) for the entire afternoon.

Mowing the Lawn

13 May

Mowing the lawn has always been one of my least favorite chores. I didn’t even like it as a kid when we had a riding lawn mower. I think the last time I looked forward to lawn mowing was when I was really little and my dad would pull me in my wagon behind the mower.

And yet, as a homeowner, one of the chores that gives me the biggest sense of accomplishment is mowing the lawn. I’m not really sure why. But looking at a newly mown lawn, especially if I’m the one who mowed it, makes me happy.

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