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Amy Schumer

04 May

I have enjoyed Amy Schumer’s stand up, though it is not my normal sense of humor. I do not watch her show because I’m not a fan of the type of humor she uses in it. That is not to say it has not had some very funny sketches- the Aaron Sorkin send up was hilarious. And I am thrilled to see her success. Because she is not letting anyone put her in their role. She is doing what she wants.
I especially love her recent speech at the Ms Gala, and her message “You will not determine my story”

Marriage Equality at the Supreme Court

25 Mar

Tomorrow, the US Supreme Court begins the first of two days of hearings regarding marriage equality. On Tuesday, it will be whether California’s Prop 8 is legal (there are ways to get rid of Prop 8 without deciding the issue for the rest of the country). On Wednesday, it will look at the national Defense of Marriage Act versus states’ rights (which could also be decided without deciding the national question).

While it would be nice to have marriage equality throughout the country as chosen by the voters, it is past time for someone to just say equal is equal.

Pediatricians for Equality

21 Mar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the US Supreme Court will be hearing two different cases dealing with gay marriage. While most people think the court will decide the cases narrowly (and on a state level instead of a national level), pretty much anyone who isn’t grossed out by same sex sex is working to make sure the Supreme Court decides in favor of equality for all citizens.

This includes the American Academy of Pediatrics, who made sure to put out a statement before the cases officially go to court saying that they support gay marriage.

Women in STEM Careers

19 Mar

Two studies on women in STEM careers have recently come out.

The first study argues that the reason more women don’t go into STEM careers is not about ability, but choice. Women who have high math scores also tend to have really high verbal scores and have a lot of choice about what they do, career wise.

This is followed by another study that says while the gender gap has closed, academia still hires a lot more men as scientists and pays them significantly more.

Which kind of answers the question of why women with choices might not choose science.

Senator Rob Portman Supporting Gay Marriage

18 Mar

I am very vocal about equal rights other adult US citizens, including the right to marry another adult, regardless of gender.

However, I do not believe Senator Portman lacks empathy or is a hypocrite for not having come to the same belief before his son came out as gay. Why? Because as in most things where social justice is concerned, we don’t honestly think beyond our default settings until confronted with a personal reason to do so. His default setting was conservative Christianity. But when confronted, he was able to grow past that.

Welcome to the equal rights movement, Senator.

The Best Use of a Lame Duck Legislature

03 Jan

Fingers crossed that Illinois passes a bill this week that would legalize same-sex marriage (not just civil unions) in the state. If it does not get passed by this session, Democrats will have a super-majority next session, so everything isn’t riding on this week. Still, sooner is better. We should never wait to say equal is equal.

If this passes, it will make Illinois the 10th state to recognize marriage between homosexual couples. That would mean that in 20% of the country, we actually honor the words of the Declaration of Independence. How long before 100% of the country does?

Only Equal is Equal

10 Dec

Yesterday was a day of weddings across Washington state. What was so special about December 9? It’s not like it was 12/12/12. It was the first day same sex couples could legally marry in Washington. On Thursday, they were able to get their licenses, but because of the 3 day mandatory waiting period, Sunday was the first day the weddings could take place.

I wasn’t a guest at any of the weddings, though I do know some couples who got married. And I want to say congratulations to them and all couples who are waking up this morning as newlyweds.

Winds of Change

07 Nov

Before this year, every time same sex marriage has come up for a vote of the people, it has failed. Thirty-two times, voters have voted for inequality. Yesterday, that changed.

In Maine, Maryland, and Washington, voters voiced their support for equality. Minnesota voters said no to a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage.

Those who argue against equality still have 32 wins, but they are all in the past. Yesterday, the issue came up for votes in four states and voters in all four states voted for acceptance and equality. Hope and change- brought to you by the American people.

Out of the Closet, In the Ring

04 Oct

Boxing isn’t a sport I follow, but I’ve seen enough posters to know who Orlando Cruz is. As the World Boxing Association’s #4 featherweight, his is one of the few widely recognized names in boxing. And that makes yesterday’s press release an even bigger deal.

What press release? The one where he came out to the world as a gay man.

Here he is, a professional athlete at the height of his career, in a very “macho” sport, and he’s coming out to the world as gay.

Thank you, Orlando Cruz, for having the cojones to be true to yourself.

Why Abortion Must Remain Legal

20 Aug

I am Pro-Choice. I would love to see an entire world where abortion is legal, safe and rare. But before we can get to the rare part, we absolutely must focus on the legal and safe parts.

This week in the Dominican Republic, a 16 year old girl died of cancer because doctors at first refused to give her treatment on the off chance it would terminate her pregnancy. Their Constitution says the right to life is inviolable from conception until death. But apparently, the right to life is only inviolable for fetuses, and not for the women carrying them.

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