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Marriage Equality at the Supreme Court

25 Mar

Tomorrow, the US Supreme Court begins the first of two days of hearings regarding marriage equality. On Tuesday, it will be whether California’s Prop 8 is legal (there are ways to get rid of Prop 8 without deciding the issue for the rest of the country). On Wednesday, it will look at the national Defense of Marriage Act versus states’ rights (which could also be decided without deciding the national question).

While it would be nice to have marriage equality throughout the country as chosen by the voters, it is past time for someone to just say equal is equal.

Pediatricians for Equality

21 Mar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the US Supreme Court will be hearing two different cases dealing with gay marriage. While most people think the court will decide the cases narrowly (and on a state level instead of a national level), pretty much anyone who isn’t grossed out by same sex sex is working to make sure the Supreme Court decides in favor of equality for all citizens.

This includes the American Academy of Pediatrics, who made sure to put out a statement before the cases officially go to court saying that they support gay marriage.

Senator Rob Portman Supporting Gay Marriage

18 Mar

I am very vocal about equal rights other adult US citizens, including the right to marry another adult, regardless of gender.

However, I do not believe Senator Portman lacks empathy or is a hypocrite for not having come to the same belief before his son came out as gay. Why? Because as in most things where social justice is concerned, we don’t honestly think beyond our default settings until confronted with a personal reason to do so. His default setting was conservative Christianity. But when confronted, he was able to grow past that.

Welcome to the equal rights movement, Senator.

I Support Real Filibusters

07 Mar

Yesterday the Senate saw a real filibuster, and I am thrilled. It is not that I agree with the reason that Senator Paul was filibustering, but that it was a real “talking” filibuster. I hate what the filibuster has become, a simple tally of votes, called a filibuster, and we’ll just end the session for the day. If you’re going to decided something on a vote, it better be an up and down vote on the measure. If a Senator wants to filibuster something, he’d better be willing to get down on the floor of Congress and talk. It works.

Police Brutality

26 Feb

Another police department and one of its officers are being sued for use of excessive force. What makes this case different is that the “weapon” was a police dog.  My concern is that the attorney for the victim specifically states that the dog is the problem. And yet, if his client is to be believed, the problem is NOT the dog. The dog is not ignoring commands to stop. He is following commands of “get him boy”. The problem, as with most dog attacks, stems from the person in charge. The human officer is the one who needs to go.

The Pope is Stepping Down

13 Feb

When I heard the news on Monday, I was surprised, but kind of happy. When I got home that night, I asked C- “Did you see the Nazi is retiring?” I know I just alienated a number of readers with that comment, but it really is how I have viewed the man.

I am not religious. I do, however, recognize the power of the Pope, and while we are pretty much guaranteed to end up with another old white guy who hates women and gays, maybe we can at least get one who was not part of the Hitler Youth.

The Best Use of a Lame Duck Legislature

03 Jan

Fingers crossed that Illinois passes a bill this week that would legalize same-sex marriage (not just civil unions) in the state. If it does not get passed by this session, Democrats will have a super-majority next session, so everything isn’t riding on this week. Still, sooner is better. We should never wait to say equal is equal.

If this passes, it will make Illinois the 10th state to recognize marriage between homosexual couples. That would mean that in 20% of the country, we actually honor the words of the Declaration of Independence. How long before 100% of the country does?


15 Nov

After every election, one side or the other is unhappy. As a general rule, Democrats threaten to move toCanada, and Republicans ask to secede from the union. For Republicans secession is the only option because there’s no country with all the amenities of theUSand freedom from taxes and social programs.

I am, in this current round of posturing, amused by the fact that while over 100,000 residents ofTexashave signed the petition to letTexassecede from the union,Austinresidents have started their own petition to secede fromTexasand remain part of theUS.

Winds of Change

07 Nov

Before this year, every time same sex marriage has come up for a vote of the people, it has failed. Thirty-two times, voters have voted for inequality. Yesterday, that changed.

In Maine, Maryland, and Washington, voters voiced their support for equality. Minnesota voters said no to a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage.

Those who argue against equality still have 32 wins, but they are all in the past. Yesterday, the issue came up for votes in four states and voters in all four states voted for acceptance and equality. Hope and change- brought to you by the American people.


06 Nov

It’s Election Day in the USA. While not a federal holiday (and why not?), it is one of the most important days on our calendar- regardless of year. Yes, every 4 years we elect a president, but every year we have a chance to make our voices heard and to have an effect on local politics. And truth be told, local politics has a much greater effect on our lives than national politics do.

So if you haven’t yet- VOTE. I don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote your beliefs. Make your voice heard and counted.

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