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29 Oct

 As of Saturday, Oct 29, 2011, 100 Words On will be found exclusively over at my new website:

And as of Sunday evening, the whole site should be up and running.

I’m excited about taking this next step in my on-line presence and hope that my readers will join me in making the transition. You may even find more to love- like my pet or personal finance blogs. Or perhaps you’ll choose to try your hand at super short form writing with the weekly/monthly micro-fiction contest.

Just be warned, before Sunday evening, it’s still a work in progress.

Queen of my Domain

24 Sep

Pondering having my own website where I can have all of my writing endeavors housed under one roof. Considering there are two other blogs besides this one and the micro-fiction site, plus the 100 Words Project book and my fiction writing, this seems like it would make my business cards simpler, if nothing else.

Playing around in Publisher this morning to create the home page design. I’ll happily use wordpress for the blog pages, but I want the home page to be uniquely me. And it is nice to be able to design it myself without having to learn html.


17 Jul

It’s summer, the time of goofing off, relaxing, and not keeping to any set schedule. I can use that excuse right?
I need more discipline. I should write more. I should exercise more. I should clean more.
Okay, only one of those things actually sounds like fun- writing. And yet…
In conversation with the June winner at Fiction in 50, he asked me why I don’t submit a piece each week. I used the 3 other blogs as an excuse, but truth is, I have time to write 50 words a week. I just need the discipline to do so.

Announcing the Fiction in 50 Contest

02 Jan

My microfiction site, Fiction in 50, is now running a monthly contest. I will pick weekly winners from the submissions, and then at the end of the month, readers will get to vote for their favorites in a poll. The poll will be open for one week. Monthly winners will receive a $5 gift card.

It is not much of a prize, but I’m hoping that the contest nature, and the fact that there is a prize, will help draw more readers and writers to the site. Sometimes, you have to take risks in order to meet your goals.


New Year Goals

01 Jan

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions as they always seem like promises that you have permission to break. I did know one woman who made one made a resolution to give up chocolate. And she did, permanently. That will never be me.

But a new year is as good a time as any to evaluate my goals and make some changes. This year, I want to grow all three of my blogs. Here I need to maintain. On Life by Pets I need to get on a regular MWF schedule. Plus Fiction in 50 is turning in to a contest.


Shameless Self Promotion

06 Dec

On Tuesday, Nov 23, I hit 1000 views on this blog. It took 1 week short of 7 months to get there, but get there we did. To celebrate, I’m sharing my other blogs, Fiction in 50 and Life by Pets.

Fiction in 50 was started on October 7 and is already at over 500 views. It is dedicated to inspiring people to write at least one 50 word micro-fiction story a week.

Life by Pets was started on Dec 1. It’s a longer form for myself and others to share stories about the pets we love and live by.

A bit of fiction

27 Jul

Time slipped through their minds like sand through the fingers of children. Years passed by unnoticed; decades disappeared without remark. They searched for the proverbial needle in a haystack, the one single moment in the whole of history on which their future- creation, destruction, entropy -hung. The pendulum kept swinging, relentlessly counting the seconds to the end.

A glimpse here, a hint there, they would pause and hope, but no answers were forthcoming. Time was running out, both in their search and in their reality. Had they missed it, should they rewind or keep moving forward? The silence was deafening.

Writing Flash

21 Jul

I love my critique group. They are the biggest reason that my writing continues to improve. But sometimes I need to trust my writing and just go with it.

Today I decided to write and submit a piece of flash fiction to The Molotov Cocktail, an online flash magazine located here at wordpress. At 550 words, there’s not much critique can do for it, without making it longer, turning it in to something its not.

I have realized lately that I really do prefer the short form. Flash is great because I can write and revise it around 2 hours.

Microfiction Contest

14 May

I used to host a 50 word microfiction contest. I ran it weekly, and after a while, there were very few entries and fewer votes for the winning entry, so I stopped. But I do love microfiction. I love the challenge of telling a complete story in so few words. At some point, I will probably post 100 word microfiction stories here.

Today I want to tell you about another microfiction contest. The entry fee is $15; you could win $500. Unlike my contest, which required exactly 50 words, this one calls for 100 Words or Fewer. So get writing.

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