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Oscar Alternatives

28 Feb

I used to love award shows, especially the music award shows, but I watched them all. Now, I pretty much avoid award shows. I just do not find them that interesting. I can always look on the internet the next morning to find out who won what. And with youtube, I can generally go find any performance that I might have really wanted to see.

Luckily, other networks tend to show marathons during awards shows, so I get to watch Mike Holmes fix people’s houses, which I find a lot more interesting that finding out which movie Hollywood liked best.


Geek Girl Con

27 Feb

Geek Girls Unite! Or at least come together for a great party. Boy geeks are invited, too.

I have sent in my volunteer application for the Geek Girl Con this October in Seattle. Besides being a geek girl myself (and no, I don’t care how old I am, I will never think of myself as a “woman”), I think it’s always nice to remind actual girls (you know, the young ones) that they are not alone, and that it is fun to be a geek.

If you’re looking for something to do in October, keep the Geek Girls in mind.

Violent Video Games do NOT Desensitize us to Violence

26 Feb

There is a study out that suggests violent video games don’t desensitize people to violence. However, the article I read about the study does its best to make sure that when you finish reading, you still believe video games are BAD for children, because of course, this is just one study, and well, we all KNOW violent games lead to violent kids.

I don’t mind the restraint, (Though I’m against the reasoning behind it.) I just wish reporters could show the same restraint over studies that appear to prove our assumptions as they do the ones that go against it.

Feeling Overwhelmed By Debt

25 Feb

Kind of a classic YM thread, even though there doesn’t appear to have been much movement on it.

In this case, we have a first time poster talking about feeling overwhelmed by debt, feels like she never has money, and yet is also certain that she would have nothing to do if she didn’t spend money on entertainment.

The regular posters are actually being pretty nice, asking for a budget breakdown, letting her know it is normal to feel this way, and offering a way out. I hope she’s moved over to the Women in Red boards as was suggested.

Goodbye DOMA, Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Ass on the Way Out

24 Feb

Wednesday morning, President Obama, acting on the advice of the Attorney General, decided that discrimination based on sexual orientation should be presumed unconstitutional. This created a snowball effect which as the Department of Justice concluding that the “Defense of Marriage” Act is also unconstitutional and an illegal law.

I am going to let that sink in for a moment. DOMA = unconstitutional

Repealing DOMA means that all states would have to recognize all marriages from other states. It means a couple from Utah can get married in Massachusetts, and Utah has to accept the marriage, even if they’re both men.

Local Politics

23 Feb

I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago when she mentioned that she knew more about international politics than local politics. I said I was lucky in that after writing to me local state representative, I’m on his mailing list, so I get regular newsletters. I’m also subscribed to his Facebook feed. It makes keeping up to date easier.

Given what’s happening in MA, with a county defunding Head Start, we’re being reminded that caring about what happens on the international and national stages is good, but we also really need to pay attention to our own backyards.


Math is Hard

22 Feb

I started college as a secondary education math major. I wanted to teach high school math. I switched majors after getting a D in Calc II, the second time I took it.

Now, my math skills are being put to the test. My husband is back in school, in the deep end, taking a calculus and physics class. He often talks out the math problems with me and has me double check his algebra.

I am relearning calculus, and having to remember how trigonometry works. At least my algebra skills are strong, since those are what I am using most.


21 Feb

This post must be necessarily vague, because we don’t want you stealing our business ideas. But to the Reno crew, I must say- We found our Ninjas!

They performed as the halftime entertainment at the roller derby bout and are exactly what we’re looking for. They’re even capable of doing “slow motion” fighting. I will say they’re juggling skills leave something to be desired, but since that’s not what we need Ninja for, I think it can easily be overlooked.

My only concern is that they may not come cheap. Nanda currently have their own feature length show, The Jacket.


Rat City Rollergirls, Season 7, Bout 2

20 Feb

The Rose City Rollers- Portland’s Derby League –came up for a rivalry match. The teams played based on last season’s internal rankings, so our fourth place team played their fourth place team, etc.

Derby Liberation Front and Throttle Rockets (our 4th and 3rd) were better than their lower ranked teams. However, while TR won by a large margin, the bout was really much closer than the score indicated.

Grave Danger lost in sudden death overtime, something that rarely happens. We left when the Sockit Wenches were down 40 points. It’s possible they could come back, but it didn’t seem likely.


South Dakota Says Its Okay to Murder Medical Personnel

19 Feb

Self defense laws already give us the right to kill to protect ourselves and our loved ones in cases of imminent danger.

So the purpose of this new South Dakota law? To give my brother the right to kill the MD who will provide my abortion, my ex the right to kill a volunteer at a clinic. That’s it.

Until we find a way for men to be pregnant, for their health to be at risk, they should have no say in whether or not I get an abortion. And they certainly shouldn’t have the right to kill medical providers.

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