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Just Finished Reading: Green Diamonds by Daniel W Kelley (3)

24 May

The individual characters in Green Diamonds are very well drawn, and with one exception, their individual motivations are clear and understandable. You care about the characters the way you are meant to care about them, and the individual endings are, for the most part, quite satisfactory.

The only ending I had a problem with was Steve’s. I thought I understood his motivation, but his final scene fell outside that motivation, and I do not think I was given enough information to understand why.

I also would have liked more information about Izael and Soraya’s ending, but it was emotionally satisfying.

Just Finished Reading: Green Diamonds by Daniel W Kelley (2)

23 May

I may be harsher on Daniel than I would be on an author I don’t know. This book is as good or better than a lot of stuff being put out by the publishing houses right now, but as someone who has critiqued parts of this novel before, I see areas that could be improved, that could have benefited from professional editing.

There are sections in the beginning that really could have used tightening. And over 2/3 of the book is individual character set up. There is very little development of the relationships that end up driving the book’s conclusion.

Just Finished Reading: Green Diamonds by Daniel W Kelley (1)

22 May

Let’s start with the disclaimer. I know Daniel Kelley. I was a fellow student and TA in a writing class where Daniel was working on this book. I love his writing, his lush descriptions and well drawn characters. Given that, I really, really wish he had not gone the self-publishing route. Daniel is talented enough that if he had given the process the time a patience it needs, he could have had a publishing house behind him, with a chance to make a real name for himself. In addition, the lamination is already coming off the cover of the book.

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