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No New Posts Until the New Year

24 Dec


Happy New Year (again)

23 Jan

Happy New Year! What, you say the new year has already started? Only if you go by the Western calendar. Today’s the start of the lunar new year, better known as the Chinese New Year. And that’s great, because if you’ve already failed your New Year’s Resolutions, you now have the perfect opportunity to start over again, or to make new ones, or decide resolutions aren’t for you, but maybe goals are.

It doesn’t matter what you do, but if you need an excuse for a fresh start, then you have one. Go make this year better than the last.

Happy Birthday, K (one day late)

04 Dec

Yesterday was the 20th birthday of my cousin K. She is my youngest cousin on my mother’s side and remains, to this day, the only baby I have held on the day it was born. Since it’s been 20 years since that day, when her mother had to assure me I wouldn’t break her, you would think that wouldn’t matter much anymore. But it remains one of the most powerful memories of my teenage years. I look at the amazing young woman she has become and a part of me still sees the tiny pink face wrapped in a blanket.

Skipped a Day

27 Nov

Yesterday was a great SaTurkeyDay over at a friend’s house. It was a wonderful second Thanksgiving with people we enjoy. That means we had two absolutely wonderful Thanksgivings this year with our friends. I can’t even begin to say how lucky we are to have such a great group of people in our lives.

And because we hosted one of those meals, my house is filled with leftovers- leftovers and dirty dishes, but that’s okay. The dishes are a small price to pay for having two such fabulous days.

Today is for laundry, dishes, and some football. And avoiding shopping.

All Sense of Time is Gone

06 Nov

I blame daylight savings time. Or maybe I blame technology that is too advancde for my own good.

Last night, I set my clock back one hour before going to bed. This is what I have always done- set the clock to the new time as I go to bed. I did this forgetting that I have a newfangled clock that resets itself, automatically. Not that it checks a satellite like my computer or phone, it just sets itself back an hour. So I set my clock back and hour and my clock set itself back an hour… Hilarity ensues?

Culling the Wardrobe

21 Oct

Every Wednesday I wear the exact same sweater. It has short sleeves and is a cardigan type, so it can be worn in the summer over shells or in the winter over long sleeved tops. It is kind of striped in various shades of blue, so it goes with every pair of slacks I own. I love it, and it always helps me get over the hump day blahs.

I’ve worn it every Wednesday for 6 months or so. If anyone has noticed, no one’s said anything. I take this as proof that I can cull my wardrobe without ramifications.

Can I be done now?

19 Oct

It’s one of those “when it rains, it pours” weeks. At work, it’s been a week full of little issues, combined with it being the month my projections are due, generally with a less than 24 hour turnaround time from when I get the final data from last quarter.

In addition, today my mother-in-law goes in for total knee replacement surgery. She’ll be in the hospital for 3-4 days and then in a skilled care facility for another two weeks or so.

And then, my husband got food poisoning and spent last night sick.

Can the week be over, please?

Where were you?

11 Sep

Ten years ago today, I had been in Seattle for just over a week. I had two interviews scheduled. I woke up that morning to confused radio show hosts. They kept saying something about September 11 being 9/11 which is 911, our emergency number, so maybe that’s why this was happening. I didn’t know what “this” was. They never could seem to say. I went to my first interview.
It wasn’t until I saw the television in the lobby of that company on the way  out after the interview that I had any real idea of what had happened.

Thinning the Closet

04 Sep

Yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans. This brings me up to two pairs of jeans. Still, I have a rule that for every new pair of pants that comes in to my house, I have to get rid of an older pair.

I threw out two pair of pants with holes in them, and have three more that need some minor tailoring set aside to go to my friend who can sew to fix up before I donate them. While I haven’t worn any of these pants in a while, at least they’re slated to leave the house.

Rave Kids on a Sunday Morning

29 Aug

Pulled in to Starbucks and saw a bunch of people milling around. I’m an hour earlier than normal, so maybe they aren’t open yet? Its not football season yet, and 6:30am is a little early for even the die hard tailgaters (they usually arrive around 7:30-8am).
Then I get a closer look- rave kids. Its been close to 15 years since I hung out with rave kids, but they’re still instantly recognizable in bright colors and jammies.
It makes me feel almost young again to be surrounded by them, even though I’m no longer sitting at their table.

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