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Blog Feature: Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

31 Mar

Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff represents the dream come true for a lot of bloggers out there- she was able to quit her job to focus on her blogging and blog advertising businesses full time. And not only did she make more money than she had before, she made enough that this year, her husband was able to quit his job and start working full time on the blog with her!

And all of that is great, but the real reason I chose to feature BiFS this week? They just brought home their third rescue dog. Meet Oreo!

Your Money Friday: Money in Relationships

30 Mar

I’m about to ask you the most basic, most important question there is when handling finances within a relationship- Are you and your partner on the same page?

Don’t answer right away. Think about it.

This question is brought to us by the thread: Just need to vent, SO is losing their job. I know, they don’t sound related, and that’s part of why the question is so important. Because anything, even when people are on firm financial footing, can bring that question into play. How it’s answered or dealt with can spell the continuation or end of the relationship.

Science Content: Invisibility Cloak (2)

29 Mar

You read that right- (2). In August I wrote about a different invisibility cloak, one that was bending light rays around objects to make them so they couldn’t be seen. The latest invisibility cloak is not meant to trick your eyes, but to trick sensors, specifically, heat sensors. So yes, it’s more of a heat shield than an invisibility cloak, but the purpose is really the same.

Of course, what it seems like we’ll really use this thermal diffusion ability for is to make our computers run quieter, by getting make them cooler and therefore eliminating the need for fans.

The Voice (s2 ep9)

27 Mar

The final battle tonight was amazing. I think it sucked that either Justin or Tony had to go home. In fact, it makes me mad that annoying former model Erin is still around when Justin had to go home. She is nowhere near as talented as he was.

I am happy that Tony won though. He’s the guy that can sing Queen and not make me cringe. I think he’s got great potential to win the whole thing.

None of the rest of the battles tonight really moved me, but I am excited to move on to the live shows.

MythBusters: Duct Tape Island (ep 181)

26 Mar

Duct tape is apparently more than a handyman’s friend, it’s an all-round survival tool, though I think it helped that Adam and Jamie had experience using it for some of these things (like boat building) before.

The shrink wrap was a legitimate tool since it came on the pallet of duct tape. Survivorman would approve.

I appreciated that while they caught the chicken, unlike Survivorman, they did not eat it. Nor did they try to hide the fact that they had cameramen with them (cameramen, or the lack thereof, are the main reason I prefer Surviorman to Man vs Wild.)

I Need to Take Better Notes

25 Mar

Occasionally I get frustrated with myself for doing stupid things. For example, I was very, very proud of myself when I figured out how to center my home page for But then, last night, I made a change to the page and re-uploaded everything. Naturally, I didn’t save the old version where I had made the changes necessary to the html coding to center the page. So now, my page has the new information I wanted it to have, but hugs the left side of the screen.
I need to figure it out again and write myself instructions.

Blog Feature: Bringing Up Bella

24 Mar

Bringing Up Bella is dedicated to Leslie’s current dog, Bella. She’s a sweet little thing, but has some “issues”- such as extreme fear of thunderstorms (which I completely understand).While she is definitely loved and adored, Bella is not Leslie’s first dog, and we all know how hard it can be for the new dog to stack up against the old dog. We get a good look at their differences in Opposites Distract. But the thing Leslie really does remember is that it’s not about the dog that was, it’s about the dog that is, even if she’s Not Quite Perfect.

Your Money Friday: $100k/year and Feeling Poor

23 Mar

There’s a difference between making $100k/year and not feeling rich, and making $100k/year and feeling poor that’s more than difference between the thread title and the article title. While I understand that the writer feels like things should be different with at $100k, I think she needs a paradigm shift.

Their only debt is a mortgage and a car loan for a child. They bought their son a car, and they are able to cash flow both of their children through college. That’s not poor. It may not be tropical vacations and umbrella drinks, but it’s still doing quite nicely.

Movie Review: The Three Musketeers (2011)

22 Mar

I wrote here how excited I was about the latest version of Three Musketeers before it even came out. Sadly, I never did get to see it in the theater, but this last weekend, I was was able to see it on blue-ray.

The first half (maybe two-thirds) of the movie was boring. Starting with the raid on theTower of London, it turned into a pretty fun action movie. Since I like action movies and airships, that made me happy.

I thought the three Musketeers were well cast, but just was not feeling it for either D’Artagnan or Louis.

Movie Review: John Carter

21 Mar

I first read Burrough’s Martian series back in middle school. I read the complete series at least once more in high school. I love the books and was quite excited to see John Carter.

The plot is not the plot from the first book. It kind of combines some elements from the second, but it is still not really recognizable, except for the characters and the basic premise. It was immensely enjoyable.

My biggest issue was that, according to this plot, John Carter was on Mars for two weeks at most. Did everything really need to happen in that quickly?

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