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My Favorite Music & Lyrics: Jesus Christ, Superstar

31 Aug

This could be filed under movies, plays, soundtracks, operas, live performances, etc, but it all comes down to music and lyrics. Regardless of what you believe, the story of Jesus’ betrayal by Judas is a powerful one. Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Weber take that power seriously and match it an amazing score.

Could We Start Again, Please is one of my all time favorite songs, filled with longing and resignation, while Simon’s Zealots- “You get the power, you get the glory” but with no mention of the kingdom- really highlights the difference between the religious and the political aspects.

Being an American

30 Aug

I believe in the Constitution. I believe we were all created equal, in freedom of religion and right to assembly. I believe in these things even when they are unpopular and hard to do, because they are right.

I believe that the moment we start ignoring these creeds, and trying to take rights away from citizens based on things like religion, then we start becoming everything we have fought against. At that time, every American Soldier, from the Revolution to today, will have fought and died in vain.

I believe in the dream that is America. I refuse to stop.

It Knows No Political Boundaries

29 Aug

That’s right folks, even someone with the conservative bona fides of having been George W Bush’s campaign manager and chairman of the Republican National Committee can be gay. I want you to sit and think about the people this man has worked with and about the attitudes he has faced year in and year out. Now tell me this is a choice.

Kudos to Mehlman. Thank you for being willing to be yourself in public. Thank you for what you plan to do. The world needs people like you, whether I agree with the rest of your politics or not.

Racism is Wrong

28 Aug

I do not care that it’s Mississippi. I do not care that it’s a small town. This is NOT okay. You do not get to say “Only whites can do this and only blacks can do this.” You are a PUBLIC school, funded by taxpayer money. Your goal should be to encourage students, not to limit them based on the color of their skin.

I’m glad someone finally responded to this. But for how long have the people of this town been just living with these rules? Why has it taken so long for someone to say “This is wrong”?

Teachers who Teach

27 Aug

During my last semester of undergrad, I took a course on oral traditions. We started with the most modern oral tradition (they’re dying out),the Blues, and worked our way back through the Serbo-Croation songs to Beowulf and the Iliad and the Odyssey.

By that time, I had read both the Iliad and the Odyssey at least three other times for school, not counting what I knew because of an early fascination with Greek mythology. For the first time in years, I had a teacher who could present the works in a new light. I wish I could remember his name.


26 Aug

Thank you to my dear husband who pointed out that this blog is essentially what I hated most about many of my college classes- journaling. I had a professor, in my last semester of undergrad (D is for diploma) actually comment that he wished it hadn’t been my last semester. His was a fascinating class that I was quite interested in, and I took part in class discussion and did well on the tests. However, a major part of our grade for the class was based on writing journal entries for our reading assignments, which I did not so much.

The Colony (4)

25 Aug

The contrivances are going to make it hard for me to come back for a third season. Last year when George, the doctor went missing, it felt real. Even knowing it was a TV show, having him disappear in the depths under the hospital felt like a realistic possibility and an impactful experience for the other participants.

The kidnapping in tonight’s episode just doesn’t work for me. I get that they know these people have gasoline (or at least a good guess that they do) but how do they know about medical supplies? Its just starting to get to me.

Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire (2)

24 Aug

Back to the Faire for the final weekend. There was more Alexander James Adams, more BOWI Band (new album coming next year), and more yummy yummy root beer. This time I had a crepe for lunch- I don’t care if its not authentic faire food, it was hardy and delicious.

This weekend we watched the Gypsy Equestrian show. This is, apparently, what college level male gymnasts do when they are no longer competing. Instead of a pommel horse, they just use a real horse. There were also some vault variations. It was quite an impressive show.

Fun times for all.

My Favorite Movies: The Princess Bride

23 Aug

Re-watching the Princess Bride with my cousin, who had only seen it once before, reminded me once again why this movie is so wonderful. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this movie (and if you don’t, this is one time, please don’t tell me). A lot of it has to do with how perfectly cast and acted this movie was. These are not award winning performances, but everyone is just so present.

It is also my favorite way to remember both Andre the Giant and Mandy Patinkin.

“Fezzik, are there rocks ahead?
If there are, we all be dead.”

My Favorite TV Shows: Burn Notice

22 Aug

For those of us in a certain age bracket, with a certain taste in entertainment, Bruce Campbell was all you needed to say to get us to watch Burn Notice. And for those of us who loved MacGyver or playing Ninjas & Super Spies, getting hooked took only until the first commercial break.

Burn Notice is full of great characters who struggle with what it means to be family, friends, and lovers. They are good at what they do, but not perfect, by any means.

There is just something about watching hyper-competent people make mistakes that feels right and good.

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