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WoW Cataclysm

10 Dec

I took the day off work in order to partake of WoW Cataclysm on opening day, for as much time as I could stand.

We were on at midnight. In the new high level content, it was beyond crazy. Quests that should have taken less than 2 minutes took 20, simply because of the sheer numbers. The next day in the new goblin zone, it was a little less crazy, and there were rocket cars to drive.

I’m glad I was part of opening day, but I’ll like it a bit better in 2 weeks when things aren’t as crazy.


09 Aug

Started back up on WoW. Enjoying playing, and am concentrating on that. I now have two characters at 71- my original main hunter and now my priest. I’m really liking my priest and guess that she will soon be my main character.

I’m also enjoying playing my mage. My priest usually runs around with a Death Knight, but I play my mage solo, so she’s been dying a lot, which is frustrating. Mostly it means I need to learn how to better play her.

I kind of miss my warrior, though, so I might start playing her again soon, too.

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