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Your Money Friday: What Can’t Your Money Do For You

01 Feb

Let’s talk about what online money message boards can do for you and what they cannot.

Your Money is really great at helping you figure out a budget or understanding the differences between a traditional IRA and a Roth. As a group, we have a lot of random knowledge.

What we cannot help with is legal situations. Yes, some posters are lawyers, but state laws vary and every case is different. We can give you emotional support during a divorce, and ideas you can follow up on with your lawyer, but we can never be a substitute for that lawyer.

Blog Feature: Careful Cents & The Debt Movement

19 Jan

I’m about three weeks late to this, but better late than never, right? I’m featuring Careful Cents and The Debt Movement. Carrie at Careful Cents is a great storyteller, and her blog is full of useful information. In What’s Your Debt Story, she gives a quick overview of her own story and information you need to join The Debt Movement.

What is The Debt Movement? It’s a project with the purpose of paying off 10 million in debt over 90 days. It’s ambitious, but paying off all your debt is ambitious, and it’s easier when you’re in it with others.

Blog Feature: Money Crush

14 Jul

Each week as I prepare to do the blog feature, I go through past posts so that I don’t do a repeat. Sometimes, I realize with surprise that I haven’t featured someone who it really seems like I should have. That’s the case this week with Jackie and Money Crush. I had to check my list twice, just to make sure, because I thought for sure I would have featured her around Women’s Money Week, if nothing else. But no.

So here you are, Money Crush, and that tricky little question- is it easier to spend less or save more?

Blog Feature: Bog of Debt

30 Jun

I love the name Bog of Debt. It just so fully encapsulates the feeling of being stuck in debt, and believing it’s hopeless, like there’s no way out. But just like Bear Grylls will strip down to his skivvies to show you how to get out of a real bog, Bog of Debt is mostly about THE PLAN. The Plan that will help her get out of debt and no longer feeling mired in.

One key way to motivate yourself is to write out the things you want to spend your money on. It looks like things are on track!

Blog Feature: American Debt Project

05 May

I enjoy American Debt Project. She’s honest about her situation, her goals, and when she messes up. In fact, I often think she’s too hard on herself. It’s a problem I’ve noticed with a lot of personal finance bloggers. Even though we start blogging because we have made mistakes, and we want other people to know that that’s okay, we start to expect perfection from ourselves. Well, none of us, not even the big name personal finance bloggers, are perfect. We all take our own road to financial freedom. I’m happy to be sharing the journey with American Debt Project.

Blog Feature: Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

31 Mar

Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff represents the dream come true for a lot of bloggers out there- she was able to quit her job to focus on her blogging and blog advertising businesses full time. And not only did she make more money than she had before, she made enough that this year, her husband was able to quit his job and start working full time on the blog with her!

And all of that is great, but the real reason I chose to feature BiFS this week? They just brought home their third rescue dog. Meet Oreo!

Blog Feature: My Broken Coin

18 Mar

Aloysa over at My Broken Coin has a problem- she loves to shop. In fact, her shopping addiction is why her coin is broken, so to speak. One of my favorite things about Aloysa is her honesty with herself and her readers about her struggles with money and how to save for a future while still enjoying today.

As much as I love her honesty, I think my favorite posts from her are when she does a list. Aloysa does great lists. Most recently it was 20 Things Bloggers Should Stop Doing.

All I have to say is, I agree.

Most Valuable Lesson from the Women in Red

26 Aug

I’ve learned a lot on the money message boards, both when they were at MSN and now at ProBoards. I haven’t used everything I’ve learned, but that doesn’t make the information less valuable. It gives me more options and options are good.

But the most valuable thing I’ve learned from Women in Red or Your Money? That you’re not alone, that a support group, even a virtual one, can be indispensible when it comes to reaching your goals.

I can be fairly certain that we wouldn’t be at the place we’re at without the support I’ve received from these boards.

Become Debt Free with the Women in Red

22 Jul

I’ve mentioned the Women in Red message board here before, but I’m going to plug it again, as we’re trying to grow our membership. We used to have members directed to us via MSN and MP Dunleavy, but since we’ve had to move to a new site we don’t get a lot of new traffic.

Do you want to be debt free? Do you need motivation, maybe some help figuring out your personal strategy to achieve that goal? Head on over to the Women in Red (you don’t even have to be a woman) and put yourself on the path.

Citibank is screwing up my student loan payments, AGAIN

06 Jun

Citibank has once again screwed up payments on my federal student loans. This makes the third time this year. It’s getting beyond frustrating. For some reason, their online system and their auto-debit system do not communicate with each other. This bugs me because every other creditor I deal with is able to link the two.

Right now, if I check my payment history online, it doesn’t show any of my auto-payments. And last month, because I made an extra payment online (even though I made it following all their rules) it decided not to take my full auto-payment this month.

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