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A Walk in the Garden

31 Jul

Yesterday was exactly one month before our 9th wedding anniversary. C and I took a walk around the Kubota Japanese Gardens where we got married. This is only the 3rd time we’ve been back since the wedding, which is a shame, as we live not very far away.

The gardens have changed a little bit since we were there last, but we walked to the terrace where our wedding ceremony was performed, and then we got a little lost hunting for the moon bridge in the historic garden, next to the reflecting pool, where the best wedding picture was taken.

Summer Olympics

30 Jul

I love the Olympics. Love them. I spent the weekend watching fencing, archery, beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, diving, swimming, cycling, and gymnastics. We watched via television programming, online video, and even a live stream or two.

We are not huge sports fans in our house, especially not my husband. But something about the Olympics makes me want to watch things I’d never otherwise watch. (Okay, I totally watch gymnastics and beach volleyball if I come across them, but I don’t go looking for them.)

Anyway, I love the Olympics and am looking forward to two more full weeks of competition.

Blog Feature: Sustainable Life Blog

28 Jul

C and I try to be as environmentally responsible as possible. We often make decisions between multiple products based on the environmental impact. Because of this, I love reading about other people who are doing the same thing (often better than we are). Naturally I am choosing the time frame while Jeff is on his honeymoon (Congratulations Jeff and H!) to highlight Sustainable Life Blog, but I always enjoy reading his take on things.

And this week, his review of his Greensmart bag is making me interested in looking that direction next time I need to replace an all-purpose bag.

Your Money Friday: College Costs

27 Jul

Think college is expensive now? Imagine what it will be like in 18 years, if the current trends continue. An MSN article believes state colleges could cost upwards of $40,000/year.

Over an YM, some are hoping it’s a bubble that will burst before their kids reach college age. Others are burying their heads in the sand and hoping “something” happens that will help them help their children afford college without a lifetime of debt. There’s also the theory that the rising cost of college will force enough people off the college path that more non-degree career paths will open up.

The Temple of the Night Sun

26 Jul

It’s not the name of a song, movie, or book. It is an actual Mayan temple, recently discovered in the midst of the Guatemalan jungle. TheTemple of the Night Sun was part of the El Zotz Mayan kingdom, and had faces of the sun god, painted red, carved into the sides. Archeologists have been working at the site for close to three years but just recently announced the find. It is one of the best preserved Mayan sites, and many specialists hope that it will be able to prove or disprove theories about their view of the sun god.

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

25 Jul

I’ve loved Christian Bale since Newsies, so I was thrilled when he was cast as Batman. I’ve found all three of these movies to be excellent. This third movie was dark- we knew it had to be after the second one. We were faced with a Bruce Wayne who was in hiding, who no longer cared about the world around him.

But it ended with hope- just a small slice of it, but hope none the less.

In the movie, Bain believed leaving people with hope was the greatest punishment. We were reminded that instead, it is the greatest gift.

Aurora, Colorado

24 Jul

Tomorrow I will have a review up of the new Batman. But before it goes up, I wanted to say something about the shooting in Colorado. In no way do I believe it was related to the movie. Batman simply happened to be the movie with a midnight showing and a packed house.

It was a terrible thing that happened in Aurora. But it had nothing to do with Batman, movies, midnight showings, or even with the availability of guns. (The shooter’s apartment was rigged with bombs.) It only had to do with one sick individual who has been caught.

Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue

23 Jul

Today, all of my blogs are dedicated to the Blogger’s Unite for Dog Rescue campaign. Rescuing a dog is not just about adopting from your local shelter (though that is great), it starts with getting dogs out of abusive and neglectful homes, runs through care at shelters, sometime transportation to other shelters or rescues where the dogs have a better chance of being adopted, foster homes, adoption drives, and finally, the family that brings their new member home.

You can support dog rescue in any capacity, even if it is just making others aware that great dogs come from shelters.

Blog Feature: Dog is God in Reverse

21 Jul

Over at Dog is God in Reverse, they have 4 dogs- that’s one more dog than us. And she works far enough away that she’s not home during the week. Talk about a hectic life!

I love their product reviews and especially the book reviews (because my “to read” list needs to get longer), but this week, I want to focus on their grand dame, Tori. Tori has been with the family less than a year, but she knows how to take charge. And just recently, she was featured in a photo spread in Life and Dog. You go girl!

Your Money Friday: All About Real Estate

20 Jul

It was real estate theme week on YM. We had questions about refinancing- would it make sense  and would it hurt chances of getting a mortgage on another property.

Someone’s dream home went on the market. Another person had the appraisal on the home they are looking to buy come back lower than anyone expected.

And then there were the threads about selling a home- is it worth it to make significant upgrades just to sell, if you do make improvements, which ones have the most bang for the buck, and finally, is it worth it to use a “stager”.

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