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WarHammer Quest

25 Sep

Started playing WarHammer Quest in RPG mode. This allows the hubby, our friend, and I to play essentially without a GM. There’s not a whole lot of role playing; it’s definitely a dungeon crawl, but that’s okay for right now. It’s still fun, though we’re definitely a pragmatic party, not an idealistic one.

Tonight, we went through all the event cards on our way back to the portcullis that blocked off half the dungeon and the final room. We did get the key, but instead of going to complete our mission, we said forget it and headed in to town.

Role Playing vs Roll Playing

16 Aug

I used to be a better role player. I know I was. I have great memories focused on the character relationships in different game systems (WarHammer FRP, Feng Shui, Werewolf), run by different GMs for different groups.

I blame 4e and miniatures for some of it. But most of it is me. I don’t seem to be capable of immersion anymore. I know longer play just for the love of playing. I play to spend time with my friends. RPGs have become my board games, but I’m still enough of a role player at heart for that to bug me.

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