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Your Money Friday: Does Your Life Have Passion?

22 Mar

The big question this week was Does Your Life Have Passion? In this case, the poster felt like he was missing out on something because he doesn’t have any all consuming passion in his life- not at work (he works with scientists who still come to the lab after retiring) or in his personal life.

As always, there were arguments of definition, but it still comes down to taking control of your own life. And learning to be happy with who you are as a person. Just because there is nothing you feel passionate about doesn’t make you a failure.

Your Money Friday: Currency Isn’t Always Money

08 Feb

Do you remember the episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Reese discovered cooking, and his parents discovered they finally had something meaningful they could take away from Reese as a punishment?

Everyone has a personal currency. It turned out that Reese’s was cooking. For kids, it can sometimes be hard to figure out what it is they value. It might be TV time or video games, it might be a favorite doll, or it might be, as one of the posters discovered, the good opinion of another adult. Finding a child’s currency can be the key to good behavior.

Your Money Friday: What Can’t Your Money Do For You

01 Feb

Let’s talk about what online money message boards can do for you and what they cannot.

Your Money is really great at helping you figure out a budget or understanding the differences between a traditional IRA and a Roth. As a group, we have a lot of random knowledge.

What we cannot help with is legal situations. Yes, some posters are lawyers, but state laws vary and every case is different. We can give you emotional support during a divorce, and ideas you can follow up on with your lawyer, but we can never be a substitute for that lawyer.

Your Money Friday: Parents, Adult Children, and Money

11 Jan

Today we look at the question of how parents help their children financially, both as adult children, how have our parents helped us, and as parents of adult children, how are we helping our kids.

Every family is different. Some parents pay for school; some help you pack your bags. Some parents gift down payments on first houses. Others make you get a job and pay rent at 16.

As parents, we want to be able to do more for our kids than our parents did for us (or at least as much), even if it is not always possible.

Blog Feature: Broke Ass Mommy

10 Nov

There are many things I love about Broke Ass Mommy, but I think my favorite thing is her ingenuity. She is a stay at home mom, but she determined this summer that she would earn $1,000  through side projects. And she is almost there. She has done it via writing projects, sponsors on her website, and now, participation in her first focus group.  But no matter how much she talks about money, the one thing you will take away from this blog is how much being able to stay at home with her daughter makes being broke ass worth it.

Your Money Friday: Tranfer of Wealth Within Families

07 Sep

Here’s the dilemma- You’re doing pretty well for yourself and have some disposable income. Your parents, who sacrificed quite a bit when you were young, are still struggling, or at least living pretty close to the edge, or so it appears to you. So you, being a good kid, decide to use some of that disposable income to help out your parents- either through taking them out to nice dinners or paying a bill here and there. But then your parents turn around and financially help out a sibling whose not doing as well as you. What do you do?

Your Money Friday: Chores & Kids

31 Aug

Who does the chores at your house? This week the chore discussion didn’t focus on an equitable split between spouses but what kinds of chores we had to do as kids, and if we have kids now, what kinds of chores they have to do. At what age did we start making them do chores? How does that change as they get older? Is the goal for Mom and Dad to no longer have to do any work around the house? Or, for some people who did not give their kids chores at all, why did they make that decision?

Blog Feature: Newlyweds on a Budget

25 Aug

Today has been a space cadet day. It may be late, but you are still getting a Blog Feature. I knew on Friday I wanted to feature Newlyweds on a Budget, but then forgot to actually right the post. This is a great blog for talking about finances in a relationship, even if they aren’t quite so newlywed anymore.

I loved this post on what she misses about being single. While C isn’t quite this bad, on Thursday, I was craving having my last piece of pizza for a snack when I got home- C had eaten it for lunch.

Your Money Friday: Who Pays for a Disbabled Child?

03 Aug

This is a tricky situation, one that is more complicated than any of us can really understand from news articles. This week on Your Money, we have been discussing how much a private organization (in this case, the Girl Scouts) should be required to pay to accommodate a disabled child and how much of that accommodation should be the responsibility of the parents of the disabled child.

If the parents are not wealthy, should their child not be allowed to participate in non-publically funded activities? Should families with healthy children be forced to help pay for disabled children to participate?

A Walk in the Garden

31 Jul

Yesterday was exactly one month before our 9th wedding anniversary. C and I took a walk around the Kubota Japanese Gardens where we got married. This is only the 3rd time we’ve been back since the wedding, which is a shame, as we live not very far away.

The gardens have changed a little bit since we were there last, but we walked to the terrace where our wedding ceremony was performed, and then we got a little lost hunting for the moon bridge in the historic garden, next to the reflecting pool, where the best wedding picture was taken.

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