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Eureka Series Finale

17 Jul

My senior year of high school two of my favorite shows had their series finales- Quantum Leap and Star Trek: The Next Generation. I recorded both and watched them multiple times. That final episode of Quantum Leap never fails to make me cry.

Since then, I haven’t cared much about the coming and goings of shows. I liked Buffy and Firefly, but I wasn’t attached, so to speak. Last night was the series finale ofEurekaon Syfy. I haven’t watched faithfully for the last couple of seasons, but we made sure to tune in last night to say goodbye.

My Favorite TV Shows – Eureka

02 Jul

I love Eureka. I don’t care if their science is anywhere close to right. I like the way the play with possibility. They have done time travel in a way I believe, had a Groundhog Day episode that did not feel like a copycat, and managed to redeem the characters you thought were bad guys.

The biggest plot hole is that everyone was uber paranoid when the sheriff first showed up but since then, a major character randomly arrived in town, and the sheriff’s sister and showed up, with no one seeming to mind that she learned the town’s secret.

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