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MythBusters (s10, ep1)

02 May

It is the 10th anniversary season of Mythbusters, and they opened it the right way, with a revisit to the very first myth and very first Mythbusters episode- the jato rocket car. This is not the first time they have revisted this myth, but it will likely be the last time.

We had two spectacular rocket blasts and two spectacularly twisted hunks of metal at the end. After proving the myth could not have happened the way it was stated, they tried to replicate the results. The actual results were two destroyed Impalas and five very giddy Mythbusters. Happy Anniversary!

Why #MythBusters Should be Required Viewing

27 Feb

Back in 2007, Mythbusters did a show (ep 85) about bullets in an oven. Once the oven got hot enough, those bullets exploded- not with lethal force, so the myth was busted -with the shell casings causing the most damage.

Why do I bring this up now? Because just last week, a woman in Tampa Bay, Florida, was injured when she was shot by an oven. A magazine in the oven exploded, spraying her with casing fragments.

She was preheating the oven at a friend’s house, a friend who neglected to tell her he stored his ammo in the oven.

MythBusters: Explosions A to Z

26 Nov

Need to shoot a MythBusters episode with no new content and no Adam and Jamie for filming but still want to make the fans happy? Enter a show all about explosions. I don’t mind retrospective shows; after all, we might be starting to run low on urban myths, especially urban myths involving explosions of the type MythBusters fans have come to know and love. I did have one problem with the episode- where was the exploding water heater?! Maybe they consider it more a rocket, but still, if you’re talking fan favorites, how do you leave out the water heater?

MythBusters (s9 ep7) Thanksgiving Special

19 Nov

I was so looking forward to this episode. Alton Brown on MythBusters- talk about a geeky food lovers dream. I hope they do more of these. And, oh yeah, it is pretty cool that if you know what you are doing, you could cook an entire Thanksgiving meal on your car engine.

As for the build team, like Tory, I am a texture eater, so very few things “taste like chicken” to me. And while it was obviously easier with when the meat was not spiced and breaded, I still think texture could play a part in the ground meats.

MythBusters (s9 ep6)

12 Nov

Last night’s episode was the one in which the crew accidentally sent a cannonball into someone’s house. I appreciated the way the show handled the experience.

I was bothered that they kept saying this was the first time someone had fired a stone cannonball in a few hundred years. WRONG! Jaime hand carved a granite cannonball for the tree cannon. They may have finally solved the mystery of what happened to it, though. Apparently, granite cannonballs break on impact.

I was thrilled to see them do a Burn Notice myth- even if it was busted. Hopefully there will be more.

MythBusters Mini-Myths (s9 ep 5)

05 Nov

Do you think “I know it like the back of my hand” is a silly phrase, since you have never paid particular attention to the back of your hands? The MythBusters found out that we really do know the backs of our hands, better than we know other body parts.

Also, professional pitchers cannot throw a needle through a sheet of glass without shattering the glass, but the air gun succeeded. Bicycles can be ridden underwater but not well. And the potty dance and/or meditation may or may not help you stave off the need to go to the bathroom.

MythBusters Halloween Special (s9, ep4)

29 Oct

My favorite thing about last night’s episode was that it is apparently easier to maneuver a dead body than a corresponding bundle of the same weight, and that the reasons you would think it might be harder (awkward shape, limbs, etc) is what actually makes it easier. It turns out that while friends help you move, you don’t really need real friends to help you move bodies.

Last night was one of the few nights when I was happy I am not a Mythtern (can they really be called that anymore). No scorpions or snakes for this girl, thank you.

MythBusters (sp9 ep2)

15 Oct

Caught the Titanic episode last night before the new episode, and since I’m not a Titanic/James Cameron fan, I thought it was okay. I did like the new episode- earth moving machines and explosions- what’s not to like. Even the small scale tests for waves in trenches were really cool.

As for using balloons as an airbag- not surprised by the result. However, in their control, the driver wearing a seatbelt wouldn’t have survived. I’m pretty certain seatbelts save lives at 35mph all the time, so I’m not sure how accurate their dropping a car from a crane really is.

MythBusters Season 9 Premier: I missed it

08 Oct

Last night was the start of season 9 of MythBusters, and I missed it. I blame FaceBook. I don’t blame FaceBook because I was busy playing Bejeweled Blitz or Hidden Chronicles. I blame FaceBook because some time ago, it decided to stop showing my the MythBusters feed, despite the fact that I am “subscribed” to it. You see, I use these feeds to know when new seasons start, since we don’t watch a whole lot of TV. In my mind, it wasn’t time for a new MythBusters yet because I hadn’t seen anything on FaceBook about when new episodes started.

#MythBusters: Bug Special

25 Jun

No new content in last night’s Bug Special. I don’t mind that they sometimes group similar type myths into themed specials. They did that last week, too, though last week there was also plenty of new content. I do wish, when they did these theme shows, if they aren’t going to show us a new myth, that maybe they show us some additional content on each myth- maybe a minute or two of footage that for each myth that had previously been on the cutting room floor. That way there is something for those of us who watch every episode.

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