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Your Money Friday: Food Spending

30 Nov

It’s the end of the year, time to review your 2012 budget and create a new one for 2013. Isn’t it exciting? How has your tracking been going? Do you know what you spent this year? Or do you at least know what you spend on food?

This week’s thread is about grocery and restaurant expenditures. We know what people spend can vary based on family size and cost of living in their area, but it also depends on what they count as groceries (dog food, paper towels), and what they mean when they say “we don’t eat out much”.

Movie Review: Brave

29 Nov

We finally saw Brave the night before Thanksgiving. What can I say? A Disney Princess movie that does not end in marriage- what is the world coming to?  AND there was an actual mother in the movie- not a wicked step-mother, but a loving mother. In the past, only Disney animal movies have been allowed these things. It’s like my childhood has been completely upended, and I am thrilled.

I loved bothMeridaand her mother. I loved that the central love story was the one between parent and child, especially in a movie that’s aimed at, you know, children.

The Voice s3 Top 8 Eliminations

28 Nov

The moment they mentioned that Terry had hit number one on the iTunes rock charts, I knew he wasn’t going home. Dez did, and so did Cody, finally. I have mixed feelings about Cody going home now. Considering I’ve thought he needed to go home a number of times before this, it was time. But I do feel bad about it happening after what was a really good performance of a difficult song.

Melanie remains the last of the coach’s saves standing, and she’s been killing it, as has Cassadee- someone I didn’t even think would make the top 12.

The Voice s3 Top 8

27 Nov

Last night’s live performances were not as solid as they were a week ago, but it’s still hard to determine who’s going home. Cody, who you know hasn’t been my favorite, turned in a really good performance- of a Queen song no less. Amanda rocked the opening performance. Nicholas continues to rule in his wheelhouse. Cassadee and Melanie were both very strong.

Dez had the worse performance of the night (goodbye Team Christina?). Trevin wasn’t strong, and Terry’s beginning to feel like a one trick pony (all his performances sound the same). My guesses for going home- Dez and Terry.

MythBusters: Explosions A to Z

26 Nov

Need to shoot a MythBusters episode with no new content and no Adam and Jamie for filming but still want to make the fans happy? Enter a show all about explosions. I don’t mind retrospective shows; after all, we might be starting to run low on urban myths, especially urban myths involving explosions of the type MythBusters fans have come to know and love. I did have one problem with the episode- where was the exploding water heater?! Maybe they consider it more a rocket, but still, if you’re talking fan favorites, how do you leave out the water heater?

Blog Feature: You Did What With Your Weiner

24 Nov

We judge people by their dogs. We think differently about a woman with a Chihuahuathan one with a Lab. A guy with a Pit Bull is very different, at least in our minds, than the guy with a Border Collie. If you have small dogs, there are lots of things people think you can’t do with your dog. At You Did What With Your Weiner, they are working on proving those expectations false, doing their best to prove that even little dogs can have big adventures.

In fact, on Thanksgiving, they were out hiking snow covered mountains, mini-Dachshunds included.

Your Money Friday: Financially Thankful

23 Nov

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, and over at Your Money today, we’re talking about what we have been thankful for, financially, in the last year.

For most of us, it’s decent jobs for ourselves and loved ones, having insurance or remaining healthy, the ability to save to give us more options in the future, and have a spouse or significant other who is on the same page financially.

We often think about the “trouble” money can cause, especially in relationships, but there really is just as much to be thankful for, when you take a moment to think about it.

Movie Review: Skyfall

22 Nov

I know, I am reviewing a movie while it’s still in theaters; it’s a Thanksgiving day miracle.

First off, I think in Daniel Craig, Sean Connery finally has some real competition in the sexiest Bond every category.

Skyfall was a really enjoyable movie. Yes, it’s a little darker than most Bond films, but all the Craig Bond movies have been. It felt very much in line with where Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace had been taking us.

Judi Dench as M was, as always, wonderful.

And the little bits of tribute to the “old” Bond days were mostly charming.

The Voice s3 Top 10 Eliminations

21 Nov

While I still don’t think Cody is a great singer, his Monday performance was lively, and obviously, there’s a large segment ofAmericathat thinks differently about him than I do.

Sylvia had the unlucky job of opening the show, and though the coaches thought she was great, it was the least memorable performance, so her leaving, while I think it may have been too soon, wasn’t surprising.

As forBryan, all I can think of was that his performance was low key, and maybe people feel he’s a not quite as good version of Tony, Adam’s finalist last season.

The Voice: s3 Top 10

20 Nov

I was very impressed by the performances last night. My favorites were from Amanda, Terry, and Cassadee. Bryan and Nicholas continue to be strong. Melanie turned in a solid performance. Trevin was not great, but he should be in no danger. Dez was a little lounge act for me, but he’s too cute to get voted off yet. That leaves us with Sylvia and Cody. I do not think Sylvia should be in danger, and I have been wrong in predicting Cody would go twice now.

I think it’s going to be a tough elimination round tonight, no matter what.

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