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No New Posts Until the New Year

24 Dec


Blog Feature: Little Seattle Obersvationist

22 Dec

Little Seattle Observationist is written by a friend of mine. It’s not really a pet blog, but recently, she added a new friend, Harvey, to her household. So now she has a Formosan Mountain Dog (Basenji/terrier mix) and a cat, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the blog start drifting toward her adventures with her animals. But besides writing about the fact that picking up dog poop is not that gross, she also writes about her life and events in Seattle.

Take a moment to swing on by and congratulate her and the cat and their newfound family member.

Your Money Friday: Are You Financially OK?

21 Dec

The question today is At What Point Do You Feel You are OK Financially? As outsiders, we look at some people and think they really have it together or OMG how do they live like that, and yet, that person can feel the exact opposite about their money situation.

As people who hang out on money message boards, there’s a definite bias, but it’s something people have to figure out for themselves. I am never going to have 6-9 months of living expenses in liquid savings, so I have to ignore that criteria, though some see it as a requirement.

Now is Amazing

20 Dec

I know some people dream of living in a simpler age, but I love living in the time we are now. There are so many things I get to learn about because of the internet, things I never would have heard of otherwise. And now, I can study the Dead Sea Scrolls myself. Not touch them- but very few people are actually allowed to touch them.

Israel and Google have partnered to put 5,000 of the Dead Sea Scrolls online. Imagine reading Deuteronomy off the Dead Sea Scrolls, or a first century BC version of Genesis. How cool is that.

The Voice s3 And the Winner Is….

19 Dec

I’m not surprised Nicholas David came in 3rd. Considering I thought he would have to be a judges’ save to even make the top 12 (America you have happily surprised me by voting him to the finals), and that his Monday night performance wasn’t great.

Terry also stumbled on Monday night, and while we all love classic rock, is there a market for new classic rock?

Since making the top 12 (I didn’t think she would) Cassadee has been strong and solid. Rarely was there a night I thought she was “off”. Congratulations Cassadee Pope, Season 3 winner, The Voice

The Voice s3 Final Performances

18 Dec

The opening tribute to the Newtown victims brought me close to tears. It was done beautifully.

I love Nicholas but did not like his opening number. Terry’s voice seemed weak (and when is Terry’s voice weak) on Broken Wings. Cassadee ended with Cry, but that meant two of her final three performances were country ballads. Does she want to be a country singer?

Blake once again showed why he is my favorite coach by making the duets about his contestants. I thought Play that Funky Music was a great song choice for Nicholas, but Cee Lo never let him shine.

Movie Review: Rock of Ages

17 Dec

Rock of Ages was a lot of fun. Know in advance that I like musicals, and I love 80s hair band music, so on some level, this was a movie made for me. The leads were appropriately cute and innocent. Tom Cruise excels at playing the random crazy guy (though I’m not positive that’s acting), and Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand were a very cute coupleI didn’t even find Russell Brand very annoying, which is saying something.

Mary J Blige’s character should have been explored more. She seemed awfully tangential for how important I think she was supposed to be.

Blog Feature: Frugal Rules

15 Dec

I’m bad about sharing the blogs I read and follow on social media. Yes, I’m on twitter, but I almost never retweet. I only share 4 blog posts per genre a week (and not always every week). There are people who do so much more. But I do have this blog feature, and today  I want to use it to feature Frugal Rules. John retweets every post I make at Dog Ate My Wallet. He is a fairly new blogger, but he’s written some great posts. This week, you might want to check out his thoughts on frugal holiday tipping.

Your Money Friday: Delayed Gratification?

14 Dec

What happens when you really want something that you can afford but don’t need? Do you buy it the second you start to covet it? Or do you make yourself wait a while to see if you really do want it/want to spend the money on it? If you saw something a couple of months ago and told yourself no, but find that you’re still thinking about it, will you go back and buy it, even if you have no idea where you’ll put it/how you’ll use it?

These are questions raised in this week’s Your Money thread, I’m obsessed.

Movie Review: The Lorax

13 Dec

What can you really expect when they make a 90 minute movie out of a children’s book, right? In most cases, I would give the movie a pass, except when it is based on a Dr. Suess book. Seuss packed a lot of punch in his books. I expect that if you are making a movie out of a Dr. Suess book, you will pack the same kind of child friendly punch.

This is not to say The Lorax was bad, just that I was hoping for something more meaningful than an extended 3D scene of woodland creatures eating marshmallows.

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