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09 Jul

Last night we had a thunderstorm inSeattle. Sudden rain is not rare, but it’s not often we get thunder accompanying it.

I grew up with thunderstorms in easternMT.They were a staple of the summer months. They often came with tornado watches and warnings, and plenty of thunder and lightening. In some ways, I miss a really good thunderstorm (though not the high winds).

Last night’s storm was not much compared to what I grew up with. I heard only one or two cracks of thunder, and don’t remember the sky being lit up by lightening at all.

Seeing Beauty

09 Feb

I sometimes forget what a beautiful place I live in. Especially during the winter, the skies are so cloudy and the days are so short that it’s easy to spend very little time outside, even with the dogs wanting to go out, when it’s wet, we rarely do.

With the exception of the “snowpocalypse”, we’ve had a fairly mild winter this year- not a lot of rain, more blue skies than you would expect. The days are still short enough that we don’t get out with the dogs much- it’s dark before we’re home. But the world is still beautiful.

The Rain is Here

01 Feb

Winter has arrived inSeattle. I am not talking about the snow a couple weeks ago, though that does happen roughly every two years. I’m talking about the rain- the weather we normally associate withSeattlewinter. Up until the January storm, it had been a relatively mild and dry winter.

This week, the rain has hit. And I am kind of glad, despite the fact that one of my dogs doesn’t want to go outside. We had work done in the basement last spring to prevent future flooding. I would really like enough rain to see if it worked.


18 Jan

I thought about not posting anything today as part of the SOPA protest, but since I accidentally skipped Monday, I think it may just look like the Seattle snowpocalypse knocked out my connection.

I am against SOPA. As a writer, I am for copyright protections, but not handled in such a mishmash, no one knows if they’re breaking the law or not, kind of way. Do not let your internet provider be the one who chooses what sites you can visit.

The First Amendment protects us from censorship. Don’t let them claim the internet is not protected by the Constitution.


21 Nov

Early Friday morning, a major fire broke out near Reno, NV. At first reports, it was burning 400 acres. By Sunday afternoon, it had burned across a 2,000 acre area containing over 4,000 homes. Only 32 were lost to the flames. And miraculously, I’ve only heard about 1 death, and that caused by a heart attack as a man was being evacuated.

I lived in Reno for 12 years. My thoughts are with those who lost so much, and my thanks goes out to the fire fighters and other personnel who worked to prevent things from being so much worse.

Yesterday’s Weather

15 Sep

I excel at dressing for yesterday’s weather.

I do not check weather reports except when I’m traveling. On a normal day, I get up and dress appropriately for the weather we had the day before. Most of the time, this results in no issues. But sometimes the weather changes drastically enough that I look very out of place. For example, one day the weather is sunny and hot (almost 90- inSeattle). So the next day, I dress in capris, sandles, and a light weight top. But a cold front moved in, and temps aren’t even expected to reach 70.

Atlantis Discovered?

15 Mar

It was thought Troy was just a legend until Heinrich Schliemann paid for a dig in the late 1860s. While we don’t know if the Trojan War actually happened, we do know that Troy was real.

Now, researchers believe they have found the fabled lost city of Atlantis- in Spain. As with Troy, the only mention of the city was in ancient Greek writings, but it may be time to remove “fabled” from the description. Buried under centuries of mud in the marshlands north of Cadiz, there’s a city that was wiped out by a tsunami. Have we found Atlantis?

The Disaster in Japan

14 Mar

The magnitude of the disaster in Japan is growing. I had such hopes that the number of dead would remain in the hundreds. As of this morning, 2,800 were confirmed dead, but with suspicions of 10s of thousands more.

The earthquake, tsunami, aftershocks, and explosions at the nuclear power plant are causing devastation not known in that country since the end of WWII.  Hopefully, an outpouring of aid will commence. Their government is not equipped to handle a disaster on this scale.

To my friends who have friends and family in the country- I hope your loved ones are safe.

8.9 on the Richter Scale

12 Mar

The question for insensitive me is, will individual people be sending aid to Japan? The quake was huge- 8.9. But Japan has modern infrastructure. The quake has left hundreds dead- hundreds, not thousands. Can you imagine what this would have done to a coastal area of China?

At the same time, this is likely to be the most expensive natural disaster in history. The costs to repair will be huge. So will there be an outpouring of aid via the Red Cross? Will we text to donate $5. Or do we decide Japan can afford to care for its own?

Astronomy Picture of the Day

11 Jan

I love the Astronomy Picture of the Day website. It is my default for having beautiful, work safe, not personal, wallpaper on my office computer.

Not every picture they post is good for wallpaper, but many are. In fact, while I try to update my wallpaper at least once a week and sometimes more, my current wallpaper is from December 13.

It’s soothing to take a moment to look at the night sky in the midst of a hectic work day, especially in the PNW, when, during the winter, we can go forever without seeing the moon and stars ourselves.

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