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30 Apr

I ramble. Occasionally, I ramble so much that I scrap everything I write. My goal with this blog is to update it every day. In order to do so, I need to manage my expectations for myself. Given these two “facts” about myself, I decided on a 100 word format for the blog.

100 words is short enough that I can reasonably expect myself to write every day. But it is also concise enough that I will have to get to my point. I will need to be careful not to exceed my limit.

And that’s it, in 100 Words.


30 Apr

I am in my mid-30s, married for 7 years, 2 dogs, living in the greater Seattle area.

I have a BA in History from UNR, and an MBA from PLU.

I am the primary earner in my household. I currently work as a departmental analyst at a major managed healthcare organization.

I am a writer. I have 2 post graduate certificates in writing fiction. I have had one short story published online, and have edited and published a book of 100 word micro-fiction stories inspired by my brother’s photographs.

I am a gamer. I play WOW and Dungeons & Dragons.

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