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#LAKings #StanleyCup Champions

12 Jun

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings, StanleyCup Champions. Last night they won the Cup on home ice. That has to be an amazing feeling. Additionally, this marks the first time LA will ever get its name on the Cup, and the first time an 8th seeded team won the Cup. Kings, you have much to be proud of.

As a Devils fan, this was not the outcome I was hoping for, but how much can I really complain? After missing the playoffs entirely last year, New Jersey battled through the Flyers and the Rangers to reach the Cup finals.

Stanley Cup Finals: #NJDevils vs #LAKings Game 5

10 Jun

Game 5 back inNew Jerseywas a tense one. Both Brodeur and Quick were really on their games. Not certain whether or not to call them highlights, but there were two notable fights during game 5- one right in front of Brodeur, where his mask came off and someone pulled his sweater over his head, and one in front of Quick which resulted in matching penalties and the final two minutes of the game being played 4 on 4.

The Devils won and are the first team in the playoffs to force the Kings to go to 6 games.

Stanley Cup Finals: #NJDevils vs #LAKings game 4

07 Jun

How do you come back from a 3-0 game deficit in a series? One game at a time. Will the Devils win 4 in a row and win the Cup? Four in a row is hard; that’s why teams don’t sweep very often. But the Devils won 4 in a row against the Flyers. Of course, the Kings sweptSt. Louisin that same round.

The Kings only need to win one game to win the Stanley Cup, so the Devils cannot afford to think about 3 more in a row. They can only think one game at a time.

Stanley Cup Finals: #NJDevils vs #LAKings Game 2

03 Jun

Last night’s game was a good one. Brodeur had an amazing game, and after the Devils tied it up, the energy and intensity they maintained was fabulous. Jonathan Quick was just one second better than the Devils forwards. Even in overtime, the Devils had some great chances.
Games like this, that are so close, where luck plays as much a part as skill, are why the hockey playoffs run best of seven. It helps even out the skill and luck.
Still, the Devils are now headed to LA down two games to none, and the Kings are playing great hockey.

Stanley Cup Finals: #NJDevils vs #LAKings

31 May

After missing the playoffs completely last year, the New Jersey Devils are playing for the Cup. The first game of the Stanley Cup Finals, Devils vs. the Los Angeles Kings was played last night. The Kings dominated the first period, but it ended tied 1-1. Second period was pretty even, third period was all Devils, but they couldn’t get another one past Quick.

Now, I’m a Devils fan because of Martin Brodeur, and while I would have loved to see Brodeur stop Kopitar’s shot, I have to admit that Kopitar deserved that goal. It was a lovely breakaway and shot.

New Jersey Devils (2)

08 Feb

I haven’t talked a lot about hockey this season because my Devil’s have been terrible. After granting Kovalchuk a CBA altering contract, the team lost for the first half of the season. In fact, it looks like they might miss the post season for the first time in 14 years, since I became a fan.

In this second half, they’ve started picking up and are on a winning streak, but I think its too little, too late.

Luckily, I have a secondary team, the regional Vancouver Canucks to cheer for, too, and they are at the top of the heap.


New Jersey Devils

07 May

It’s Stanley Cup playoff time, and I love it. I am a New Jersey Devils fan because of Martin Brodeur, well, actually because of what a sports writer wrote about Brodeur. It was during the Patrick Roy era, and I was being introduced to hockey. A friend of mine, who played goalie, was helping me pick a team to cheer for in that year’s playoffs, and we came across an article that began “If Roy had a cousin, an identical cousin…” and was about Brodeur. I wish I knew who wrote it, because I owe that person a thank you.

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