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No More Braces

15 Feb

My post is late today because I wanted to announce- the braces are off! That’s right after 14 months, they have come off. And while 14 months seemed like a very long time to me, it was, in fact, 10 months less than was originally predicted.

My guess is that orthodontists are used to teenagers who do not always follow directions very well. Adults, however, have chosen to have the braces and are even paying for them. We are much more motivated and actually follow instructions, meaning it takes less time.

Anyway, braces are off and I can chew gum.

Medical Gag Orders

02 Dec

How did anyone every think these medical gag contracts were legal?

In the form, medical professionals promise not to violate federal law as long as you don’t say mean things about them. Go ahead and break the law and see what the government thinks of your excuse “but she said mean things”.

These forms are often signed under duress- the patient needs medical care. With a decent lawyer, that invalidates most contracts.

And hello, Hippocratic Oath. I don’t know if dentists take it, but if an MD refuses to treat because someone doesn’t sign this contract- that violates professional ethics.

Return to the Sea

04 Aug

Yesterday, a giant sea turtle was returned to the sea, healthy, and apparently happy to be back.

I like this kind of story. Given that endangered species are in general endangered because of humans, it’s nice when we’re also responsible for saving one life.

Granted, the poor thing was probably injured by a boat to begin with, but we don’t know for certain. Surfers brought the turtle to shore and a lot of people worked very hard to save his life. I love that an orthodontist was brought in to put braces on his shell to help close the holes.

Taking care of you

08 Apr

There are a number of controversial threads going on YM this week, but I wanted to talk about this much simpler (and shorter) one. How much is your smile worth?

For people who are really involved in debt payoff, wealth building, net worth, and assets, it can sometimes be hard to remember that we really do need to invest in ourselves. $10,000 is a lot of money. I don’t know anyone who would argue it isn’t. The question is, are you worth it? Is keeping your own teeth and having good dental health worth $10,000? With or without dental insurance?

Braces (2)

28 Dec

Right before Christmas, I got braces. My two front teeth were slowly tilting their way inside my mouth, and my smile, something I used to get complimented on, had become something I did not even want to see.

Because I have a major overbite, I also got a bite plate, to keep me from biting off the brackets on my lower teeth. The bite plate works incredibly well, so well that I actually can’t bite anything. At no point to my top teeth touch my bottom teeth at the moment, essentially putting me on a liquid diet for 6 weeks.

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