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Currently Watching: The Dresden Files

14 Jun

We’re re-watching The Dresden Files. The show was my first introduction to Harry Dreseden; I hadn’t read any of the books. Now that I have, the show is still enjoyable. However, I’m noticing how my reactions to things have changed.

I love Bob as a character, and when I first read the books, I was disappointed that the character in the book was not the same as the character in the show- similar, but with a different origin. Now, I wonder why they felt the need to make Bob different for the show, as he’s pretty perfect in the books.

My Favorite Books: The Dresden Files (series) by Jim Butcher

03 Aug

We came to Butcher’s Dresden novels through the short lived series, the Dresden Files. I loved the series, and having read the books, I think they did a great job of casting. But there are things you can do in novels that you can’t do on television (limited budget and all).

The Dresden books are great dark urban fantasy pulpy fun. They make for great travel novels, making it easy to escape in to the world, but not being so complex that it is difficult to get back in to them after having to set them down for a minute.

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