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MythBusters (s9 ep6)

12 Nov

Last night’s episode was the one in which the crew accidentally sent a cannonball into someone’s house. I appreciated the way the show handled the experience.

I was bothered that they kept saying this was the first time someone had fired a stone cannonball in a few hundred years. WRONG! Jaime hand carved a granite cannonball for the tree cannon. They may have finally solved the mystery of what happened to it, though. Apparently, granite cannonballs break on impact.

I was thrilled to see them do a Burn Notice myth- even if it was busted. Hopefully there will be more.

MythBusters (ep 158)

16 Dec

I know, the MythBusters entry is late. Here’s the thing, last night was one of my least favorite episodes for a couple reasons. 1) I’m not a Seth Rogen fan. In fact, he’s the reason I’m not excited about the Green Hornet movie. 2) Superhero myths are always going to be busted.

Superheroes come from comic books, and even techie superheroes operate on comic book physics, which never really work in the real world.

I loved the MacGyver episodes for the exact opposite reason. So how about giving me a Jeffrey Donovan Burn Notice MythBusters episode. That I would love.

My Favorite TV Shows: Burn Notice

22 Aug

For those of us in a certain age bracket, with a certain taste in entertainment, Bruce Campbell was all you needed to say to get us to watch Burn Notice. And for those of us who loved MacGyver or playing Ninjas & Super Spies, getting hooked took only until the first commercial break.

Burn Notice is full of great characters who struggle with what it means to be family, friends, and lovers. They are good at what they do, but not perfect, by any means.

There is just something about watching hyper-competent people make mistakes that feels right and good.

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