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So Glad Today is Tuesday

20 Sep

Monday was a Monday. I’d been off work since last Tuesday, came in late and had a meeting to go to after I tried to catch up on all emails. I came home find out our Chevy didn’t come with a jag or a lug wrench. The VW’s jack worked, but its lug wrench would not fit. So we called roadside assistance who changed the tire for us and then we took it to Les Schwab and got a new tire.

After that, our beagle spent an hour running around through some blackberries.

I was so happy for new TV.

Life happens when its the most inconvenient

13 Apr

I had a plan for this week, a very good plan. Then the work in the basement took a day longer to complete, and there was an error in the verification of our taxes, so those took a day longer to submit.

In addition, we had an appointment scheduled for the car to get an oil change on Thursday, because I need to do some running around for work today. But on Tuesday night, the check engine light came on. So now the car is going in to the shop today, and I’ll be getting a loaner from the dealership.

I <3 Les Schwab

17 Mar

A few years ago, a friend posted about a negative experience he had going to a local company for new tires. Over 20 people responded that he should have gone to Les Schwab. Seriously, they could have lifted the entire thread and made it an ad.

I love Les Schwab and prefer to go there for any car maintenance they can handle. This week, I had to go in for a flat tire. Turned out I needed to replace all my tires. They got me in and out in less than an hour, and I didn’t even have an appointment.

Using things not for their intended purpose

13 Aug

Yesterday, we had the joy of using something not for its intended purpose. A few years ago, my mother bought me the little magnets you put on necklaces so that you don’t have to mess with the clasp. They are rare earth magnets and work fabulously (especially since I have acrylic nails).

We removed the charm from a necklace, wrapped the chain around a twist tie for better control, and dropped the magnet into the headlight housing on our car to recover a dropped headlight. Success! Now if only we could actually figure out which  headlight we need to replace.

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