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Fantasy Monday Night Football

18 Sep

We had a bad weekend, fantasy football wise. Our main running back left his game early with an injury, and it just never picked up. We came into Monday Night Football needing 58 points to even tie. Even with our quarterback, kicker, and defense playing, that’s not super likely. Except that last week, our QB and Kicker got 54 points all on their own, so there’s hope, right?

I am typing this with a little over 3 minutes still left in the game. We need 15 points to tie our fantasy game, 16 to win. It’s possible, but not probable.

My Fantasy Football Draft

04 Sep

Tonight is the draft for our fantasy football league. Very last minute, as the first game of the regular season is tomorrow night. Last year, we pretty much dominated in the “regular” season, but fell off in our league’s playoffs. This year, I want to win! (Yes, I’m strangely competitive about this.) I’ve done my research. I’ve got a draft strategy. My spreadsheets are color coded. If I can get near as lucky with my draft picks this year as last year, I should be good.

C technically is the co-owner of our team, but really, it’s all about me.

Only 3-0 Team in our Fantasy Football League

26 Sep

I don’t live in the market where my favorite football team plays, but I do live in the same time zone, so if the local team is playing, I can guarantee that I will not see my team play.

Fantasy football means that I don’t just care about one or two games a week. I care about a lot of them- either because I have a player in the game or my opponent does. It also makes it easier to convince the husband he should put up with me watching football all day on Sunday, because suddenly, he cares, too.


09 Sep

NFL football is back! And I have Aaron Rodgers on my fantasy team, so I’m one happy camper. I know football is violent. I happen to like violent sports- roller derby, ice hockey and football. But at the same time, all of these sports can be played with finesses, with minimal violence, and those games are the best.

Definitely happy with the opening game of the season- very few penalties, great plays on both sides of the ball, and well, Aaron Rodgers is blowing up the fantasy score!

I predict a very good year for fantasy football in my house.

Fantasy Football

13 Sep

For the first year in many years, I don’t have a fantasy football team this year. It’s only the opening week, and I already miss it.

I like the competition amongst friends, and I like that it makes almost all football games more interesting. I rarely see my team play (they most often play at the same time as the home team) and I can’t afford the tv package that would change that. I still follow the home team, but I have come to follow other teams and players, having “owned” those players in previous years. I miss the investment.

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