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Book Review: With the Lightnings by David Drake

27 Aug

With the Lightnings is the first book in David Drake’s RCN Saga. I love Drake because he can write just about anything- military sci-fi (Hammer’s Slammers), fantasy (Lords of the Isles), and space opera (RCN Saga). The space opera is my favorite, though I enjoy them all. He is one of those male authors who can write strong female characters I like and identify with.

I’ve read many of the RCN books, but its nice to go back to the beginning every now and then and remember how it all started. Still loving Adele and Daniel, so its all good.

Men who can write strong female characters

14 Aug

Writing characters of the opposite sex is one of the biggest challenges writers face. It is too easy to fall into stereotypes. I was never able to get more than 100 pages into the first Wheel of Time book because Jordan’s female characters just bugged me too much.

So I want to give a shout out to three male authors who manage to write women I like, or can at least relate to. L.E. Modesitt Jr, in his Recluse series, Steven Brust in the Vlad novels, and David Drake, both in his sci-fi Lt Leary books and his fantasy novels.

My Favorite Books – Ranks of Bronze by David Drake

08 Jun

Ranks of Bronze is not from one of Drake’s many different series. It draws on his expertise as one of the best military science fiction writers there is. It is the story of a group of Roman Legionnaires who are kidnapped by aliens to fight in intergalactic wars against other aliens who happen to be of the same technological level as the Romans.

Once again, this is the first book I read by this author. It is the book that made me fall in love with David Drake. I rarely read pure science fiction, but if it’s Drake, I’m there.

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