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Sunday Mornings

26 Feb

Besides my critique group, one of the things I love about getting up every other Sunday to come to critique is the chance to see Seattle wake up. Sitting in a Starbucks in SoDo, there’s a very diverse crowd. From the occasional take over from ravers to tailgaters during the football season, from the homeless to people meeting a real estate agent to fill out paperwork, from cops to yuppies, they all need their morning caffeine.
I often wonder how different this place is on weekdays. What’s the crowd like then? Do any of the Monday people spend hours here?

Meta Post

13 Sep

On Saturday night, as I was falling in to bed at 12:30am (technically not Saturday anymore), I realized that I had never put up a post for that day. I felt bad, but mostly tired, very tired.

On Sunday, at critique group, I mentioned I was considering changing this from a 7 day a week blog to a week day only set up. The non-verbal reactions of my group quickly brought home the point that that would be a bad idea.

So we will remain at 7 days a week. And I will try not to miss any more days.

Sunday Morning Critique (2)

14 Sep

Sometimes I feel like I should write about my critique group more, but how many ways can you say “I love these people”. My group is full of talented writers and critquers. I learn something new every time we meet.

Even when I don’t have anything to new read, they inspire me. They help me keep on track with what I want to do with my writing. We talk not just about what we’ve written, but the business of writing. They support me while at the same time being honest. I know if they say something is good, it is.

Short Story Writing

04 Jul

I’m working on a short story for an anthology. The word limit is 2000 to 5000. Right now I’m at 2300, but according to critique this morning, it needs to expand.

My problem is that while I love writing short stories- I like finishing the story- in my head, the world is bigger than just the one story; there are all these other tangents and characters that I want to explore as well. But my patience with trying to write novels is just not there.

So, I need to tighten and expand, and then submit (actually submitting is pretty key).

Sunday Morning Critique

08 May

I have been part of a writing critique group that meets every other Sunday morning for about 5 years now. It is made up of some of the most amazing people I have ever met. It has exposed me to styles and genres of writing that I would normally shy away as not my thing.

The only problem with the group is that it meets at 9am, and I get up at 7am in order to go write before the group meets. Once I’m there, I’m glad I am, but oh how I hate thinking about it on Saturday night.

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