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Court Watching Week!

26 Jun

It’s that time of year- Court watching season, when the Supreme Court finally tells us their verdicts for the cases they have heard in the past year. A couple decisions came out last week. I am not anti-union, but I do agree with the SEIU verdict that non-union members, working in union represented positions, should not be forced to pay for union political activities.

Big deal yesterday was the Arizona Immigration law. Most of it was struck down. One part was left, but with basically a note that said- we expect to strike this down later after you abuse it.

Celebrate Juneteenth

19 Jun

Happy Juneteenth! Don’t know what Juneteenth is? I’m not surprised, but I am saddened. It is the anniversary of the day slavery officially ended in theUnited States. It’s a few months after the Civil War actually ended because that’s how long it took the Union Army to arrive inTexasand order that the roughly 200,000 slaves in that state be freed.

We are still not a society without prejudice. But if we want to start getting past that, then there are days we as a nation need to celebrate. I think the end of slavery is certainly worthy.

Marriage is Marriage

24 Jan

I want to say that I am proud ofWashingtonstate, and I am. At the same time, I still can’t believe it has taken us this long. Yesterday the first hearings were held for both the state Senate and House bills that will bring marriage equality to our state.

I don’t even want to call it gay marriage, because it’s not like it’s a separate thing. It’s marriage. Making interracial marriage legal did not change marriage. It was not a separate thing from same race marriage. This isn’t about gay rights. It’s about equal rights. And it’s about time.

Public Swimming Pool, White Only

14 Dec

Okay, how stupid do you have to be? Honestly, who thinks that in the US today, they can get away with a “White Only” sign restricting access to a supposedly public place? And the whole purpose was to discriminate against one girl, because the landlord for the pool claimed she used hair chemicals that would make the pool cloudy.

How do you know she uses any chemicals in her hair, let alone what chemicals? Find another way to deal, like requesting the people wear swimming caps. But don’t expect to be able to blatantly discriminate and be given a pass.

Repeat: Report Discrimination (even if you’re not the victim)

05 Aug

Discrimination is bad. It’s bad for the person being discriminated against; it’s bad for their team. Reporting discrimination is not an easy thing, whether you’re the victim or an observer, but it is the right thing.

Forget the fact that obvious racial/religious/nationality discrimination opens the company up to a lawsuit. Forget the fact that the victim could report it himself “if it bothered him”.. It bothered you. You noticed it. The rest of your team noticed it. It made you mad.

People being victimized can’t always see clearly. Do the right thing, even if it is not the easy thing.

Bonus Current Events Content: Just because you’re gay…

15 Jun

Why do some people seem to think that the historically most prejudiced people out there (straight white males) are the only ones capable of being impartial?

Given the legal precedents, I did not really expect this ruling to come out any differently. Still, it’s nice to hear our legal system affirm being gay does not invalidate Judge Vauhgn Walker’s ruling in the California Prop 8 case. It was treated by reviewing Judge James Ware just like any other discrimination case. Women are capable of presiding over gender discrimination cases; blacks and Hispanics are capable of presiding over racial discrimination cases.

How much is your public school worth?

25 Jan

An Ohio mother was convicted of 3rd degree felony grand theft of $30,500, and sentenced to 10 days in jail with three years probation. The felony charge means she won’t be able to obtain her teaching certificate (which she has been going to school for).

Why? Because she used her father’s address on forms so her girls could go to a better school.

Ignoring the racism (and ridiculousness), lets look at the dollars. $30,500 for 2 kids, for 2 years. That’s $7,625/ year. Ohio State charges $6,102/year’s tuition at a regional campus. Is your public school worth more than university?

Racism is Wrong

28 Aug

I do not care that it’s Mississippi. I do not care that it’s a small town. This is NOT okay. You do not get to say “Only whites can do this and only blacks can do this.” You are a PUBLIC school, funded by taxpayer money. Your goal should be to encourage students, not to limit them based on the color of their skin.

I’m glad someone finally responded to this. But for how long have the people of this town been just living with these rules? Why has it taken so long for someone to say “This is wrong”?

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