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Rat City Rollergirls Championship Bout

12 Jul

The Rat City Rollergirls Championship bout was this weekend. The Grudge Match (DLF v Sockit Wenches) and the championship (Throttle Rockets v Grave Danger) were exciting, hard-fought bouts. As a Throttle Rockets fan, it was hard to see them lose. Being married to a DLF fan made their first win in 2 years more exciting.

The big news though, was the people leaving. Drew Blood, the SW coach is moving away, and two long-time, favorite skaters- X-Khan of SW and Valtron of TR retired.

I will miss seeing them on the flat track. Best of luck to all of them.

Roller Derby: Rat City All Stars vs Oly Rollers Costra Nosa Donnas

29 May

If you read my recaps of Western Regionals you know that Oly (and RockyMountain) is a tier above all the other teams. Oly is ranked number 2 nationally, and Seattleis 6th in the West. The bout went about as well asRatCity could have expected it to (losing by a little over 100 points).

I am unhappy withRatCity’s strategy and jammer rotation. Why aren’t Juliet Bravo and Re-AnimateHer jamming? But I’m not the coach. And at Western Regionals this year, I will cheer forRatCity, but I’ll also be rooting for the Oly Rollers.

Rat City Rollergirls, Season 7, Bout 4

17 Apr

It was a travel team night with our B team taking on the B team from the Denver Roller Dolls, and our All-Stars taking on the Bay Area Derby Girls.Denverowned Rain of Terror, though the second half was better.

The BAD Girls came out to a good start againstRatCity. It seemed closer than the score said at the end of the first half, with Bay Area leading by 30. The second halfRatCitycame back strong and took back the lead. However, Bay Area really played good defense and won by bout by 6 points.

Rat City Rollergirls, Season 7, Bout 3

20 Mar

GD dominated DLF.

TR vs SW was fabulous. Throughout the first half, there was no lead larger than 11 points. SW led by 6 at the half, but TR pulled ahead in the second half, helped by a great power jam by Luna Negra. We got to see Luna and Eva Dead jam regularly. I am so excited about TR’s fresh meat.

On the down side, Anya Heels of SW is out injured, perhaps for the rest of the season. Nothing gets a crowd going like seeing Anya jam, so its sad for SW, the all-star team, and derby fans.


Rat City Rollergirls, Season 7, Bout 2

20 Feb

The Rose City Rollers- Portland’s Derby League –came up for a rivalry match. The teams played based on last season’s internal rankings, so our fourth place team played their fourth place team, etc.

Derby Liberation Front and Throttle Rockets (our 4th and 3rd) were better than their lower ranked teams. However, while TR won by a large margin, the bout was really much closer than the score indicated.

Grave Danger lost in sudden death overtime, something that rarely happens. We left when the Sockit Wenches were down 40 points. It’s possible they could come back, but it didn’t seem likely.


Late: Weekend in Review

18 Jan

I hate being sick. Nothing seems to go right when I don’t feel well, today being a case in point. I just have not felt like writing an entry. Coming up with a topic, let alone writing 100 words, has just seemed like too much work.

So here’s a (late) hodgepodge from the weekend:

I’m excited for a Super Bowl without Brady or a Manning. I’m thinking Packers/Steelers.

I have the best massage therapist. I wish I could afford to go more often.

I still love roller derby, and am thrilled that they’re getting full write ups in the Examiner

Rat City Roller Girls, Season 7

16 Jan

It was opening night for roller derby and kicked off with 4 mini-bout charity tournament. Sadly, I felt like crud and we left a little over halfway through the third bout. Sadly, we missed the Grave Danger vs Sockit Wenches bout which should have been amazing. (If someone knows how it turned out, please comment.)

Danger and Wenches kept most of their line-ups. Throttle Rockets and Derby Liberation Front are mostly fresh meat and new skaters. While DLF and Rockets have some exciting additions, it looks like it will be the Wenches and Danger fighting it out for top spot.


WFTDA Western Regionals: Rose City Rollers vs B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls

10 Oct

Sadly, we missed the Rat City vs Denver game due to car troubles. We arrived just as it ended, and learned that Rat City won the bout.

Rose City vs BAD was disappointing. We hadn’t expected much from Rose City vs Oly, but vs BAD, we thought they would return to the form they were in vs Rat City. We were wrong. For one pass late in the 2nd half, they were able to put together a wall, but it didn’t even last the whole jam. BAD didn’t run away with the bout, but the outcome was rarely in question.


WFTDA Western Regionals: Saturday

09 Oct

Saturday was a day of blow outs. It started with Rat City beating the host team, Sacred City, by over 300 points. They set a WFTDA tournament record with 39 points scored in a single jam. Later, Rat City took down Tuscon. Denver defeated Duke City in the morning and Jet City in the afternoon.

This was the first real look at both the Oly and Rocky Mountain teams. Friday, they had each won without breaking a sweat. Neither sweated much more in taking out the previous day’s winners – Oly over Rose City and Rocky Mountain over the BAD Girls.


WFTDA Western Regionals: Rose City vs Rat City

06 Oct

Rose City came out with an amazing defense and shut Rat City down. They had a couple outstanding jams and went into the half with a 60 point lead. The second half, Rat City returned with a vengeance and finally played their game. ReAnimateher put on the star; points went on the board. But it wasn’t enough. Rose City by 12 points.

Most frustrating bout of the tournament. Rose City never got their defense together again; Rat City found their offense. Had this gone the other way, Rat City would probably be on their way to Championships (in 3rd place).

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