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The Voice – Final Results

30 Jun

Javier’s duet was most definitely my favorite, but that might have more to do with the fact that I like Stevie Nicks better than I like any of the others. He held his own next to her, not an easy task, given her distinctive voice.

With Nakia out, I did not care much who won. Javier is certainly radio ready, and I wish him the best of luck.

My favorite judge was Blake Shelton. Every time he performed with his team, it was about showcasing his team, not himself. That was not the case for any of the other judges.

MythBusters (ep 170)

30 Jun

I was not surprised by the result Adam and Jamie got regarding floating on your back instead of treading water to survive an underwater blast. The military generally knows what they are talking about when it comes to keeping soldiers alive.

We also watch Deadliest Warrior, so we already knew that paper armor worked, but it was fun to see the ways in which the Build Team chose to test it. However, when it came to crawling along a rope over water wearing armor (paper or steel)- who thought that would be a good idea? Shouldn’t someone have common sense?

The Voice (10)

29 Jun

There was a lot of music in the finale, which I liked. Still, I couldn’t help thinking what Nakia could have done with an original song.

If I heard any of the individual performances on the radio, I would not be bumped. Everyone seemed consumer ready. The one stand out was Dia. With all the others, I’d hear them on the radio and not know (or really care) who was singing. Dia’s voice is one that will always be recognized.

I think the producers are hoping for Vicci, though, as she once again got the final, and most memorable, performance.

Just Watched: Toy Story 3

28 Jun

We went to see the first Toy Story late at night, where only young college students were in the audience, and we all yelled “to infinity and beyond” at the end of the movie.

Toy Story 3 took me back to that age, as Andy was getting ready to go to college. I admit I cried. But I cried that Andy left Woody behind. I took my favorite stuffed bear to college, and couldn’t imagine having made it through without him.

Toys are such an important part of our life; growing up doesn’t always mean we have to let go.

Happy Birthday to my Husband

27 Jun

I should save the gushy romantic stuff for our anniversary. But today is my husband’s birthday. I just want to let him know how much I love him, and that even though I pick on him, and even mock him sometimes, I could not imagine being happier.

He just started back in school part time in January, and full time just last week. He’s studying Linear Algebra over 5 weeks, so we won’t have much time to celebrate tomorrow, but I made cookies.

Sweetheart, I love you. I am proud of you, and I look forward to many more birthdays.

Love your job?

26 Jun

Young adults get a lot of career advice, advice along the lines of “find your passion”, “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life,” etc. It sounds great, but for most of us, I’m calling bullshit.

For one, no matter how much you love your job, some days will be work. And for others, turning their passion into their job just causes them to lose the passion.

So, no, for those of you who are wondering, you don’t have to love your job. You have to like it well enough to go back on Monday.

New York says “I Do” to Gay Marriage

25 Jun

I would like to say Thank You to both legislative houses of the state ofNew York, but especially the Senate where Republican state lawmakers took a stand for decency and equality against the prejudices and hate of their party. Thank you,New York, for saying that all men are created equal, and opening an avenue for the pursuit of happiness to a portion of the population to whom we’ve been denying that path.

Thank you for standing up for the right thing, the human thing. Your stand is appreciated by all of us who believe that equal means equal.

MythBusters (ep 169)

24 Jun

I enjoyed the lighting a tomb with mirrors myth. It was simple and straightforward. I was not surprised by the result (plausible but not practical), due to the sun moving.

As for the Build Team, we have decided they do not even field calls from the insurance company anymore. Torrie’s harpoon, while it worked, was scary. On this one, I really think they should have pressed the “do not try this at home” bit harder. Maybe they should have had the “professional drivers on a closed course, do not attempt” standard white text scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

The Voice (9)

23 Jun

Okay, I guess it made some sense. All the people America voted through to the semis were the people they voted through to the finals. Its reasonable. I am still annoyed. Nakia was the best performer, pretty much from the beginning. Funny thing is, I’m betting on Vicci to win.

I like the fast pace on The Voice. My only issue is this part of the format. Even at the semi-final level, singers are only competing against the other singer from their team, not all the singers. Nakia was certainly top 4 material.


MythBusters tomorrow, financial message board post Saturday.

The Voice (8)

22 Jun

ReallyAmerica? You left it to Cee Lo to save Nakia? I guess that made it an easy choice for him. I thought Vicki had a good performance last night (and the sweet spot), but since only one performer from each team makes the finals, it’s got to be Nakia for team Cee Lo.

For once, neither of Christina’s or Adam’s singers were really inspiring last night, so either option for each would be fine.

And as for team Blake, I think Dia needs to be the one in the finals.Xeniais adorable, but she’s just not ready yet.

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