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Marriage Equality at the Supreme Court

25 Mar

Tomorrow, the US Supreme Court begins the first of two days of hearings regarding marriage equality. On Tuesday, it will be whether California’s Prop 8 is legal (there are ways to get rid of Prop 8 without deciding the issue for the rest of the country). On Wednesday, it will look at the national Defense of Marriage Act versus states’ rights (which could also be decided without deciding the national question).

While it would be nice to have marriage equality throughout the country as chosen by the voters, it is past time for someone to just say equal is equal.

Pediatricians for Equality

21 Mar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the US Supreme Court will be hearing two different cases dealing with gay marriage. While most people think the court will decide the cases narrowly (and on a state level instead of a national level), pretty much anyone who isn’t grossed out by same sex sex is working to make sure the Supreme Court decides in favor of equality for all citizens.

This includes the American Academy of Pediatrics, who made sure to put out a statement before the cases officially go to court saying that they support gay marriage.

Affordable Care Act Upheld

29 Jun

Yesterday’s ruling by the Supreme Court upholding most of the Affordable Care Act was a momentous one. Legal precedent wise, the number of opinions, and which Justice signed on to what, is a much murkier bag. For precedent purposes, it is going to take some time to parse exactly what this ruling means. It may or may not be a win for Democrats. It may or may not be a loss for Republicans.

But for those people who, as a friend put it yesterday, just want the option of being able to pay for insurance, it is a major win.

Today is THE DAY (Court Watching Day 3)

28 Jun

Today is THE BIG DAY in Court watching. It’s the day the Supreme Court will announce it’s ruling on the healthcare bill. I see reports everywhere that lots of people want it struck down as unconstitutional. I want to ask those people if they think a pre-existing condition should be a barrier to insurance. Or if college students (who are unlikely to be able to get health insurance through a job) should be forced off their parents’ insurance? People like those provisions. They don’t like the individual mandate. Today we find out if all, none, or some of it goes.

Court Watching Day 2

27 Jun

Let’s talk about the Montana case. This is not a case the Court heard. Basically, every branch of theMontana state government said that there has been corruption onMontana politics based on money, so they were rejecting the decision handed down in Citizen’s United, and would not allow unlimited corporate spending in state elections. The Supreme Court struck downMontana’s ruling in a 5-4 decision. Even though the 4 could have forced a full hearing, they didn’t. Theory is they do not want to run the risk, especially in an election year, of the other 5 expanding Citizen’s United.


Court Watching Week!

26 Jun

It’s that time of year- Court watching season, when the Supreme Court finally tells us their verdicts for the cases they have heard in the past year. A couple decisions came out last week. I am not anti-union, but I do agree with the SEIU verdict that non-union members, working in union represented positions, should not be forced to pay for union political activities.

Big deal yesterday was the Arizona Immigration law. Most of it was struck down. One part was left, but with basically a note that said- we expect to strike this down later after you abuse it.

Could we focus please?

06 Jul

There are court cases that I think the public should be following; court decisions that people should be up in arms about, like the current Supreme Court’s tendency to side with corporations over individuals every single time.

What I don’t like and don’t agree with is the “celebrity” criminal trial. It makes no difference in my life or yours (unless you’re a member of the family) if Casey Anthony is guilty or not. Why is this taking up time and energy of people living on the other side of the country? Get over it and get back to work, please.

Follow Up: Wal-Mart discrimination case

20 Jun

I am saddened, but sadly, not surprised, by the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Wal-Mart in the huge class action case for gender discrimination that was brought against them. The court decided that these women did not deserve the protection of a class action, that the interests of Wal-Mart outweighed the interests of millions of women.

But it is a decision that makes sense for a court that has decided corporations are citizens, and that in most cases, they are more equal than the rest of us, or at least more equal than those of us with less money.

Wal-Mart at the Supreme Court

29 Mar

Today, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in the Wal-Mart discrimination suit. Today will not be about whether or not Wal-Mart actually discriminated against women, but about whether the women can file suit in a single, nationwide class-action.

I’ve written about this before. Today, I am focused on the judges. The conservative majority has a history of siding with big business, but doing so in this case would mean ignoring 45 years of precedent.

I’m encouraged by the three women on the bench. It’s harder to pretend discrimination doesn’t really exist when you’re sitting next to people who’ve faced it.


We Have a Right to Free Speech, Even When We Don’t Want to Hear it

03 Mar

I hate the Westboro Baptist Church, and all it stands for, but the Supreme Court made the right decision, in their ruling that the church can not be sued for protesting outside military funerals.

No matter how much I dislike what you’re saying, our soldiers are fighting and dying for your right to say it. And while I think you’re discrediting their sacrifice through these protests, I think it would be even more greatly discredited if we took that right away.

This was as close to no win situation as the court gets. I think they went the right way.

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