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Just Finished Reading: Night Shift by Lillith Saintcrow

07 Dec

This is the first of the Jill Kismet books, and I must say, at this point, I like Jill more than I liked Dante Valentine (not that I didn’t devour those books). Jill seems a little more approachable, a little more relatable in her issues. And I like her love interest more.

In both series, I have a hard time understanding the love interest’s motivations- I’m not certain what he’s getting out of the relationship.

Of course, I don’t think it matters. The books are pulp. They’re action with a little bit of romance thrown in. Saintcrow does that beautifully.

My favorite books and authors

04 May

I love to read, so I will do a number of entries around my favorite books and authors. You may see an author mentioned several times– there will be multiple entries for Steven Brust books, and probably one for him in general– or you may see a number of books lumped all together- like the Dante Valentine books by Lillith  Saintcrow. It will mostly depend on whether my love is for a book, a series, or anything and everything ever written by the author.

If you loved or hated the book, if you want to recommend a book- tell me.

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