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Books > TV

31 Aug

One of the (not surprising) benefits of no longer having the deluxe cable package  is that  we’re reading more. We still have some cable, but getting in the habit of not having the TV on means that we don’t turn it on when we’re bored or for background noise.
Instead, we play music and pick up a book. I’ve read two complete books in the last week and have started on another.
I’m enjoying the having the TV off. Somehow, it makes the day seem slower paced, more relaxing, when I pick up a book instead of flipping through channels.

Happy Anniversary

30 Aug

Today marks 8 years of marriage for my husband and I. It honestly doesn’t feel that long. Sometimes I wonder where the time went, but I can account for it all if I think about it. 100 words isn’t a lot, but its enough to say, I love you. I can’t imagine these last 8 years (11 really) without you in my life. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
Talking with K about “home” the other day, I made the comment that at some point, I hope she found what I have. Home isn’t a place. It’s where you are.

Rave Kids on a Sunday Morning

29 Aug

Pulled in to Starbucks and saw a bunch of people milling around. I’m an hour earlier than normal, so maybe they aren’t open yet? Its not football season yet, and 6:30am is a little early for even the die hard tailgaters (they usually arrive around 7:30-8am).
Then I get a closer look- rave kids. Its been close to 15 years since I hung out with rave kids, but they’re still instantly recognizable in bright colors and jammies.
It makes me feel almost young again to be surrounded by them, even though I’m no longer sitting at their table.

Book Review: Soul of a Dog by Jon Katz

28 Aug

If I’m going to read a book about dogs, I most likely want to read a Jon Katz book. I’ve read other books and even enjoyed them. I read James Herriot growing up and still enjoy returning to his book, Dog Stories. But the truth is, for a look at dogs in our modern world, Jon Katz is the best.

Soul of a Dog explores the philosophical and religious answers to the question- “Do animals have souls?”, but depends mostly on the every day observances of a man who loves his animals as much as any pet owner out there.

Book Review: With the Lightnings by David Drake

27 Aug

With the Lightnings is the first book in David Drake’s RCN Saga. I love Drake because he can write just about anything- military sci-fi (Hammer’s Slammers), fantasy (Lords of the Isles), and space opera (RCN Saga). The space opera is my favorite, though I enjoy them all. He is one of those male authors who can write strong female characters I like and identify with.

I’ve read many of the RCN books, but its nice to go back to the beginning every now and then and remember how it all started. Still loving Adele and Daniel, so its all good.

Most Valuable Lesson from the Women in Red

26 Aug

I’ve learned a lot on the money message boards, both when they were at MSN and now at ProBoards. I haven’t used everything I’ve learned, but that doesn’t make the information less valuable. It gives me more options and options are good.

But the most valuable thing I’ve learned from Women in Red or Your Money? That you’re not alone, that a support group, even a virtual one, can be indispensible when it comes to reaching your goals.

I can be fairly certain that we wouldn’t be at the place we’re at without the support I’ve received from these boards.

Book Review: Behold the Man by Michael Moorcock

25 Aug

Behold the Man is not your typical Michael Moorcock book in that it is not part of his Eternal Champion world at all. Instead, it is set in this world- well, a this world in which time travel is possible (because you need a time travel paradox). But like most of his books, his hero is more anti-hero, not exactly the type of person you want to hang around with.

If you are religious and do not enjoy having your beliefs challenged, this is not a book for you. While it may not be heresy, it is most certainly blasphemy.

Game Review: Hibernia

24 Aug

My husband went to GenCon a few weeks ago to help run a booth and demo games for Sandstorm Productions, LLC. He came back with a copy ofHibernia.

We played with three players (4 is apparently recommended), and it was fun. It requires some simple strategy- so appropriate for kids starting at around 10. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time- less than a game of Monopoly- probably on par with the average time a game of Dominion takes.

And for around $20, it’s a good deal.

Look for the game in stores by the end of September.

Movie Review: Conan (2011)

23 Aug

Enjoyed the new Conan movie tremendously. It was very Conan- both in terms of the old Arnie movies and the Howard books.

There’s lots of blood, a substantial amount of nudity, and plenty of cheesy one liners. What’s not to love?

Plus, Jason Mamoa is much more enjoyable to look at than Arnie. He just is. And regardless of what you think of his acting skills, his speaking skills are such that he can do more than yell “Krom!”.

I am very much hoping that they choose to franchise this and that we see more of Conan and his friends.

Space Race

22 Aug

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of space exploration. And as such, I love the idea of a new space race- the race to Mars. We’re still a minimum of ten years out, probably closer to 20 or more- NASA is thinking mid-2030s, but Europe and Russia have teamed together to attempt a mission, as well.

I shouldn’t get too excited- but Mars in my lifetime? How cool is that. I know we went to the moon then never went back, but still, Mars, a whole other planet.

All I really have to say is “On your marks…”

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