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06 Mar

I repeat that I’m very happy I’m not doing some sort of system for my weight loss. Being completely in control of what I’m doing makes it much easier for me to think of this as a lifestyle change and to know that I will be able to continue it. However, every once in a while I do wish I was on a system for one simple reason- the systems remind you not just to weigh yourself, but to measure yourself, when you start. I took no measurements. I know I’ve lost inches, but I have no idea how many.

Weight Loss

05 Mar

Two different weight loss plans are sweeping my company. The people on both plans are constantly talking about how great they are. They are seeing results, and that’s fabulous, but I think that may be why I’m not on a “system”. Weight loss is personal to me, and I have no desire to go around and talk to everyone about the great plan that’s helping me get there.

I have lost enough that people are noticing (45lbs in 7 months), and it’s nice to be able to just say “thank you” without feeling the need to sell them a product.

Your Money Friday: Food Spending

30 Nov

It’s the end of the year, time to review your 2012 budget and create a new one for 2013. Isn’t it exciting? How has your tracking been going? Do you know what you spent this year? Or do you at least know what you spend on food?

This week’s thread is about grocery and restaurant expenditures. We know what people spend can vary based on family size and cost of living in their area, but it also depends on what they count as groceries (dog food, paper towels), and what they mean when they say “we don’t eat out much”.

MythBusters (s9 ep7) Thanksgiving Special

19 Nov

I was so looking forward to this episode. Alton Brown on MythBusters- talk about a geeky food lovers dream. I hope they do more of these. And, oh yeah, it is pretty cool that if you know what you are doing, you could cook an entire Thanksgiving meal on your car engine.

As for the build team, like Tory, I am a texture eater, so very few things “taste like chicken” to me. And while it was obviously easier with when the meat was not spiced and breaded, I still think texture could play a part in the ground meats.

Seattle Restuarant Week Reviews

22 Oct

We have gone out twice for Seattle Restaurant week.

First was ART restaurant and lounge in the Four Seasons hotel. The house made, curried potato chips were delicious, as were our appetizers and deserts. The main courses were kind of bland. They were not bad, but nothing to write home about. The service, however, was excellent. If I wanted to impress someone, ART would be high on my list.

Second was Monsoon East inBellevue. They serve both traditional Chinese style food and curries. The food was good but not enough better than most places to pay their regular prices.

Learning to Cook Online

11 Oct

Love to watch cooking shows? Fascinated by “cooking” with liquid nitrogen? Want to learn both traditional and modern cooking techniques? Do you own or covet Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, you might want to check out ChefSteps. ChefSteps is a new, free online cooking school being run by the guys behind Modernist Cuisine. They don’t care if you’re a professional chef with your own set of knives or a curious home chef looking to try some new recipes. It’s a culinary school for all of us.

Your Money Friday: Weight in the Workplace

25 May

So while we’re still talking about work clothes over on YM this week, the thread I’m highlighting only pretends to be about wardrobe- Does this Interview Suit Make Me Look Fat? It started talking about companies policies about not hiring fat people because of the insurance cost. It has morphed a bit to be talking about weight in general, and howUS society perceives weight.

The conversation has remained quite respectful (which is nice), but for someone who has struggled with their weight, it is also very frustrating to hear people tell me how “simple” it is to lose weight.

Seattle Restaurant Week: Poppy

12 Apr

It’s Seattle Restaurant Week (3 courses, $28), and we always try to take advantage. We like to go to a place that we would otherwise never eat at, usually for price reasons. Additionally, we like to find menu items that push us. That means no steakhouses, because we already know we like steak. Instead, we go for things we might not otherwise try.

Last night we ate at Poppy inSeattle’s Capital Hill District. It was one of the best Seattle Restaurant Week meals we’ve ever had, with everyone please with their appetizers, entrees, and deserts. I’d highly recommend it.

Holiday Food

27 Dec

My house is full of left overs. That’s the way it should be. One of my favorite things about the holidays is the food. While we occasionally make a turkey breast during the year, we only make a full on turkey at Thanksgiving. For Christmas this year we had a New York roast and a ham. (I love ham sandwiches.) In addition, we have an amazing spinach casserole made by one of our guests, steamed carrots and green beans (plain and with a balsamic glaze) white chocolate cheesecake, apple pie, and butterscotch chip cookies. The world is a happy place.

Merry Christmas

25 Dec

Was your household up early this morning, with kids running circles around the tree, excited by what Santa had brought them? Is your house filled with friends and family and a big dinner? Is it just another day? I’m curious.

There aren’t kids in our lives. We sleep late- not too late, though, because friends come over for Christmas dinner, around 2pm. We’ll open the presents sent by my family, and empty the stockings. (Nothing in the stockings will be a surprise for me because I’m the one who stuffs them.)

It will be relaxing, and it will be good.

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