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Your Money Friday: Mortgage Talk

18 Jan

Talk this week at Your Money about mortgages and putting stricter limits on who can qualify for one and whether or not the standard should remain a 20% down payment. I agree that the housing market became a mess. But I don’t know when we decided that it was the fault of the homeowners instead of the predatory lenders.

I should admit, we bought our first two homes with 0 and 2.5% down respectively. We’ve never been behind on our payments, and we certainly don’t treat our property as if it were disposable. And I don’t think we’re the exception.

Your Money Friday: All About Real Estate

20 Jul

It was real estate theme week on YM. We had questions about refinancing- would it make sense  and would it hurt chances of getting a mortgage on another property.

Someone’s dream home went on the market. Another person had the appraisal on the home they are looking to buy come back lower than anyone expected.

And then there were the threads about selling a home- is it worth it to make significant upgrades just to sell, if you do make improvements, which ones have the most bang for the buck, and finally, is it worth it to use a “stager”.

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