The Dog Ate My Wallet

The Dog Ate My Wallet

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What I’m Reading While Walking Around the Blogs


Alright, after taking August off, it’s time to get back in the habit of walking around the blogs and letting you all know what I’ve been reading. Because it has been so long since I have done one of these, some of the posts I am going to link to are a little old, so maybe you have already seen them, but maybe you haven’t. The Purpose of a Walk – Rescued Insanity. Kristine has beenread more…


What I’m Reading: The Real Answer is Actual Books on My Commute


It’s time for another round of What I’m Reading, except honestly, if I was posting what I’ve been reading most of, it would be books by Steven Brust (Drageara novles) and Joe Abercrombie (First Law series), not blogs. I am adapting to my new schedule that has me out of the house 12 hours a day, and very little time during the work day to read any blogs. But I still do my best to checkread more…


What I’m Reading: Honest, I Actually Read Blogs This Week


Would you believe it? I actually had time to read blogs this last week. And I even left a comment or two. Shocking, isn’t it? I don’t know if this will continue into next week, as we have a ton of stuff planned, and I have no idea what my schedule will be like starting July 1 with my new job. But this last week, at least, I read blogs. And here are some of myread more…


What I’m Reading: Road Trip Edition


While you are reading this, we will be road tripping to the full size concrete Stonehenge replica/WWI memorial in Maryhill, WA. In addition, we will be heading to the Goldendale Observatory (one of the largest public telescopes in the country) to star gaze tomorrow night. Basically, I will not have internet access for a little over 24 hours, as our entire household (me, C, J, SP, and June and Larry) takes a road trip. So whileread more…


What I Am Reading: Not Keeping My Promises Edition

clear day

I know that I promised that I would start reading blogs more and commenting more while on administrative leave. I lied. I did not mean to lie, but I lied. I spent a full week barely looking up from my books while studying for my certification test. And next week, I have a 2 day training with the career counseling service my former company is paying for as part of my severance. And then after theread more…


What I’m Reading: New Chapters


Because I’m at a point where I’m getting ready to start a new chapter in my life- after 8 years at my current company, as of May 3, I will no longer be employed there. I don’t know where exactly I’ll land, but I am excited about the possibilities. So with a new phase in my life set to begin, I thought I would focus this week’s roundup on blogs that are new (or at leastread more…


What I’m Reading: Happy the Week is Over


It has been a busy Saturday morning. We’ve picked up poop, done some major shopping, started a large cooking project, and I’ve started a load of laundry and mowed the back half of the lawn. I’m ready for a nap, but instead, I’m getting this edition of “What I’m Reading” put together. On one level, it is rather nice to be this busy, as this week is one of “sucky” anniversaries. We lost Smokey 2 yearsread more…


What I Am Reading: Goings and Comings

This bear will never live upstairs, My dogs would destroy it.

Going This week’s round up is inspired by my dear friend, Jenniemarie, from Another Housewife, who decided this week to hang up her blogging keyboard, at least for now, in order to be more present in her life. While I will miss her voice, I completely understand. Go read her lovely post on Saying Goodbye to Another Housewife and let her know she’ll be missed.  (But this is also a “coming” as our friend Jana willread more…


What I Am Reading: Support Groups are Your Friends


It has once again been a very busy week. I’ve had next to no time to read any blogs. It’s been sad, really. But between moving on to the next phase in the adoption process (child search, here we come) and trying to get everything together for the refinance of the house (sure we can come up with $18k in cash), I’ve been just a little stressed, with my mind on everything but reading and more…


What I’m Reading: I Should Be Cuddling Puppies Edition


There’s no real theme to today’s round up, just posts I liked or found interesting And it’s going to be quick, because I’ve got a Howie monster telling me that I shouldn’t be on the computer. Instead, I should be paying attention to him. And let me tell you, he’s a lot cuter than the computer screen. Kezno the Hovawart is following the story of the Danish Hovawart puppy mill very closely. If you have anyread more…