About/Contact Me

I am a writer. Poetry was my first love, and now I’m in a long term relationship with fiction. But writing fiction is work, hard, emotionally draining work, which I don’t always have the energy for. But I still feel the need to write. So I have blogs, multiple blogs.

My first blog was 100 Words On…, I love it because it forces me to write at least 100 words every day. On it, I write about pop culture, science, books, music, movies, really whatever I feel like writing about, in a 100 word snippet every day.

Next came Life by Pets. I grew up in a family of animal lovers. I married an animal lover. Our home isn’t complete without pets. We currently have two dogs of our own and are fostering a third. Over at Life by Pets I get to tell funny stories about my dogs, post cute pictures, and talk about important animal issues that matter to me, like Breed Specific Legislation and the amazing healing powers of pets.

The Dog Ate My Wallet is my foray into personal finance blogs. I’ve always been fascinated by money and it frustrates me that it’s considered rude to talk about financial issues. How are people supposed to learn to manage their money, understand investing, or use credit cards responsibly if no one ever talks about income, savings, and debt? I am not trying to be anyone’s financial expert, just talk about my own experiences, what I’ve learned, what I’m still learning, and what I know nothing about.

Finally, there’s The Prose Passage. Unlike the other blogs, this one isn’t updated on a regular schedule. I post on it when I have something particular I want to say, which so far hasn’t been very often. This is a blog dedicated to writing- the art and science of it. I talk about fiction; I talk about writing for blogs. Sometimes I post a piece of micro or flash fiction that I’ve written that I have no intention of submitting elsewhere.

A note about my blogs: I do not accept unsolicited guest posts from people with whom I have no current relationship. If I know you, in real life or through the blogging world, and you want to write a guest post for any of my blogs, I’d love to read it and post it. But if I’ve never heard of you before, it’s not going to happen. If you really want to write something for one of my blogs, the relationship has to come first. In the same vein, I do not currently accept sponored content.

I am open to writing reviews of products, especially products I really will use. I’ve written unsolicited product reviews and have no problems receiving a product and writing a review of it. However, every review I write will be honest.

If you want to get ahold of me, I’m pretty easy to find. You can reach me via email at  erinshanendoah@erinshanendoah.com or on twitter as @dogatemywallet