What I’m Reading: I’m Going to the Opera Edition

I’m going to a free simulcast of Madama Butterfly tonight. That means I have a to of things that have to get done early today, so not much time for chit chat (this has kind become a running theme- things will slow down once we finally get the house ready for the foster care license), so off we are to the blogs.


I always love when the House of Two Bows posts their monthly spending on the dogs. It makes me realize I am not crazy. And this month, there’s an added infographic for the lifetime costs of pets. Cool!

It’s May, why the heck is Suba talking about Christmas Eve over at Wealth Informatics? I actually really loved this post about how meeting one person can change your perspective on life. I had one of those people in mine. I think I feel and “inspired by” post coming on.

It’s spring time, and for some reason, that means lots of people start looking at buying houses, including our favorite dead president A Blinkin at funancials. Buying a house is more than list of pros and cons. Whether you believe it is the American Dream or not, it is still a definite lifestyle choice (as my weekends are proving).

In a manner that is completely timely for me, Money Crush asked us to do a Spending Spot-Check this week. The answer is, no, my spending isn’t really under control. All the needed big spending is leading to me doing little spending as stress relief. Time to get myself back on track.

You know I have a blog called 100 Words On…, right? I love micro-blogging (and micro-fiction), and I love it when other people do it, too. This morning, Maria from The Money Principle posted  100 words on minimalism- what a great topic.

And finally, in my goal to read more new blogs, and it introduce you to more blogs, I latest Yakezie challenger is iHeartBudgets, where last weekend, her water heater stopped working. The question becomes- is that an Emergency or Just a Minor Inconvenience?


I hope everyone has a great Saturday!