What I’m Reading: Still Paying Comcast Edition

While I ponder whether or not I’m going to do anything about Comcast charging me $90/month for internet and one channel (the Discovery channel, everything else I get is a broadcast or PBS station and could be picked up without cable), here’s what I ‘ve been reading this last week.


Over at the Money Principle, John talks about being a baby boomer, and what that means to him in these uncertain financial times.

Super Frugalette shares why they are opting to fund their retirement over paying down debt faster. (I agree with this decision.)

Me at Stonehenge - be jealous

Jana of Daily Money $hot is one of my favorite bloggers and people in general. Besides her own great work, she features so wonderful guest posts, including a great one on Thursday from S at American Debt Project. So, yes, I will admit it- I am jealous of you, Jana.

Hank, from Money Q&A takes a moment to tell us about himself. I’m going to have to do one of these posts, soon, I think. But let me say three things to Hank. 1) Thank you for sharing. 2) Thank you for serving- my father and brother both served in the Army (armored cav and space command respectively), so I have a soft spot for Army guys. 3) Dogs are wonderful, and I have never met an English Bulldog that wasn’t sweet as could be, but please, please, please, contact me or do lots of research before you get one. They (sadly) have lots of health issues and can be some of the most every day work intensive dogs to own. (And by this I mean they need their bottoms wiped after potty breaks.)

My father, sometime in the early 70s

While I knew Jana before joining Yakezie, I’ve also met some wonderful bloggers since then. Average Joe and Money for College Project have become two of my favorite sites because I enjoy their writers so much. I have quite a bit in common with both of them, and love what they do.

This week, Average Joe finished up his College Planning series with Why He’s a Upromise Fanboy and Money for College Project talked about Financial Aid for Older Students. Given that C is in school for the foreseeable future, I should maybe be paying attention to these things.


And finally, I want people to know that I pay attention to where people find my blog. I noticed last week that I had gotten some folks coming over from a place called the Mr. Money Mustache forums- in fact, I was listed as one of the blogs someone over there follows. (Thank you, DC, whoever you are.) This made me happy (it really doesn’t take much), and I decided to check out the Mr. Money Mustache blog. I must say, I really enjoyed the compare and contrast between MMM and Tim Ferriss (author of the 4 Hour Work Week, in case, like me, you had no idea who that was.)

Last Sunday's dinner- made by J (now really be jealous)