The Phone Saga Continues

I wrote in August about my phone saga. What I didn’t know at the time I wrote that post is that the new phone I was getting was a Nextel phone and even though they are on a the same network as Sprint, they work very differently. That means that most Sprint tech support folks, even though they were incredibly nice and tried really, really hard to be helpful, knew nothing about the phone or its problems. Some of them couldn’t even understand the problems since Sprint phones don’t have SIM cards and Nextel phones do.

I wrote that post on August 2nd. If you go to my Sunday evening post from August 14, you’ll find that I finally got my phone working that weekend.


And guess what- we’re back to a phone saga. The battery is dying. Just this week, it decided that it could hold a charge for about 11 hours, and that was it. Now, that mostly means that when I’m home, it’s plugged in. It’s still working, but now we need to buy a new battery for it.

We might also need to buy a new battery for C’s phone. It also seemed to lose its charge really quickly earlier this week, but then he spent 3 days with it turned off, so I’m not certain. It’s almost like an EMP hit our phones and nothing else.


Anyway, now I’ve got to start looking for phone batteries.