11 Questions (and Answers)

Because I am too lazy to come up with an original post today, I’m answering these questions from Jana over a Daily Money $hot. I’m being extra lazy and not even posting the rules of the meme. I’m just answering the questions.

1. What is the one item you like to splurge on?

It used to be getting my nails done, but now it’s shoes- a $200 pair every couple of years. (When did I become such a girl?)

2. Do you buy books or use the library? Why?

Both. I’m a writer- hopefully one day a novelist. Writer’s make money by selling books, so I like to support my favorite authors by buying their books. However, if I’m reading a new author, or looking for something new to read, I’ll go to the library.

3. If you were to lose everything tomorrow, what is your back-up plan?

Define everything? C and the dogs? The house? My job? If I lost C and the dogs, I think the plan would be to have an emotional breakdown. If we lost the house/all material goods- that’s what insurance is for. And hey, maybe I could then build a house I actually like on our plot of land. It would suck to lose the computers and our stuff, but as long as all people and animals were fine, we’d figure it out. If I lost my job? We would apply for student loans for C instantly, and I would be out pounding the pavement and harassing my social network for any job lead I could find.

4. If you were to win the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with the money?

Pay off all of our debt. Pay off all of my parents’ debt (so I wouldn’t have to worry about them in retirement). Buy a plot of land and start building for our dog rescue. Buy another house we could move into and renovate this one. Invest. Maybe, just maybe, I’d quit my job. We’d have to see how much was left after everything else.

5. Who would win in a fight—Wayne or Garth?

Garth. He’s trixie.

6. If you could eat one crayon color, which one would it be?

Cobalt Blue. I don’t know why

7. What is your opinion on dogs wearing coats?

I never thought I’d be behind it, but now that I have a skinny, short haired dog who shivers when coming in from the rain, I’m re-thinking.

8. How do you plan to teach your kids about money?

Talk to them at age appropriate levels, allowance, make them save money

9. What is one hidden talent that you have? Would you exploit it for money if you had to?

Helping people find the right dog for them. If I could figure out a way to get paid for that, you bet I would.

10. Do you approve of the designated hitter position?

I don’t care about baseball, but I believe the argument in my house goes “it’s the most un-American rule in sports”

11. Which president not currently on money do you think belongs on money? Which denomination would you put him on?

I don’t think any Presidents should be on money. I think they should all be replaced by random other people or symbols from American history. So Franklin and Hamilton would get to stay, as would Sacajawea and Susan B Anthony. Also Buffalo. But I’m tired of Presidents.


If you really want me to come up with 11 questions of my own, let me know and I will. But right now, there’s a doggie nose that is insisting my hands leave the keyboard and instead do some petting.