What I Read: New to Me Edition

One of my goals for 2012 is to be better about sharing what I’ve been reading. While I’d like to promise I’d do this every Saturday, that’s a promise I’m not sure I can keep past C’s first quarter of school (when he will have a Saturday class, so I will be home with nothing to do but post links to other blogs). So I am going to aim for developing the habit during this first quarter, and then shoot for posting links here every 2 weeks, and on the other weeks, posting links on Life by Pets.


Among financial bloggers, it’s very common to buy used cars or shop thrift and consignment stores in order to save money (or at least that’s the advice that’s commonly given). It results in something new to you, but not actually new. In today’s list of links, some of the blogs have been around quite a while, and are, in fact hugely popular. Still, I’ve never linked to them before, making them all New to Me.


Broke Professionals is run by Suba. Suba is the absolutely lovely person who has organized the Yakezie teams that I have been part of and that have been invaluable in growing this blog. And yet, until this week, I wasn’t reading her blog. Disgraceful, I know. And since we all know that I’m a flaming feminist, I thought I would start by sharing her post on Women’s Work


I met Budget or Fudget via twitter. And this week was able to help her out with one of her goals. Volunteering: Long Distance


Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is my kind of girl. She started the new year at a board game convention. I am kicking myself for not cluing in to her awesomeness sooner.


So Sam at Financial Samurai is the founder of Yakezie so he doesn’t need any traffic from me, and his post on why the Ideal Body Weight Pissed [Him] Off certainly doesn’t need any more link love, as it was picked up by the Consumerist. But I still want to mention it, not because of the subject matter but because of the conversation he and I had in the comments section. This is an issue we view very differently, but I think we were both able to remain polite and respectful, and that matters a lot.


I’ve mentioned Frugal Beautiful here before, but never linked to any of her specific posts. I’ve only recently started following her blog, so I loved that just this week she posted something that helped me get to know her- Blogger Confession: I Have No Clue What I’m Doing. Sweetie, if it helps, most of us don’t.


Here’s my confession, Krant, of Krantcents, was the first major Yakezie blogger to come over here and comment all on his own (not due to teams), and yet, I don’t think I’ve ever returned the favor. It doesn’t help that for some reason, IE7, which I am forced to use on the office computer, doesn’t let me post comments on his blog, but that’s still not really an excuse. So Krant, first, thank you, second, I’m sorry, and third, I promise to be better. And now, on to his Landlord Nightmares


The name of the blog is The Finance Geek, so you know it speaks to me just on that. And one of her Goals for 2012 is to get a puppy! Plus, she’s going back for an MBA. I’ve been there and done that, and wish her the best.


I keep myself accountable for debt payoff over on the Women in Red. Sandy at Yes, I Am Cheap, is braver then me and posts her Debt Check In on her blog for all to follow. It doesn’t matter if you’re the tortoise or the hare, Sandy, just keep on going, and you’ll get there!


Well, there you have it, the first post in my new What I Read series. I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and we’ll see you again tomorrow night for the Sunday Evening Post, which will have a couple new features to help me track my goals.


Editor’s note: while I have not posted a link under any of the bolded words, you can find links to them on the left, via the blog roll, forums, or badges