Giving Back

For those of you who are not already mired in the world of personal finance blogs (ie my friends and family who read this), you may have noticed a new badge over on my sidebar this week. (Okay, so you all would have noticed, but you PF people already know what it’s about.) The badge is the Bloggers Give Back badge, and it is a movement started by my dear friend Jana over at Daily Money $hot.

The basic idea behind it is to make sure we are giving back to our communities. Jana and many others have dedicated to giving 10% (or more or less) of their earnings from their blogs to charity. I don’t have any earnings from my blogs at the moment, so I’m not promising dollars. Instead, my goal is to volunteer through at least once a month.

Each month, Jana will be choosing a general charity category and challenging the members to donate to a group that supports that category. (She encourages people to donate to their local organizations.)  Since I’m donating time, not money, a lot will depend on what volunteer opportunities exist over at Sparked. However, I am going to try and support the category she chooses as a way to force myself to participate in volunteer activities I might otherwise skip over.

Still, if I can’t find one I think I can do in the chosen category, my goal is still going to be to participate on at least one project.

On the first Sunday Evening Post of each new month, I’ll post what projects I helped on.