A Writing Weekend

Last weekend, my writing group did our 3rd annual writers’ retreat. We pick a location and go spend the weekend at a condo far away from our homes and families. It is all about hanging out with the people who feed our creative juices. We write. We talk about writing, and just overall, have a stress free weekend dedicated to talking about what we do, what our next steps are, etc.
It is not all writing. People volunteer for different meals, we take walks on beaches (when we’re near the beach), spend some time in hot tubs and the like.
But none of us have to be spouses, or parents, or whatever else we are in our regular lives for that weekend. We just have to be writers.
While not every group may have the resources we do (access to timeshare condos in multiple locations), I have to recommend the writing retreat to all groups who can stand to spend that much time together.
We all come away from it energized, with our creative juices flowing and new ideas for what we want to do, or at least new ways to look at the challenges we face. To have that time where we are all writers and nothing else is invaluable.

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