Spam Poem

I love some of the spam email and comments I get on my blog. There’s just something lyrical about the way the non-sense is put together. This morning I was so impressed by four different spam comments on my blog that I decided to combine them into a piece of spam prose poetry. That is to say that I didn’t really write the piece below. I simply took what other people had written, combined it, changed the formatting, and in a couple places moved a phrase around. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.


They are arguing over who should pay the bill. Mother doesn’t make up. I’ll just play it by ear. However, Susan has not really made up her mind yet. It’s going too far. I’m usually just using the search engines to look up information.

I’m usually just using the search engines to look up information.

Spring is a pretty season. Walking up and down the stairs would beat any exercise machine. What you need is just rest. You’re welcome. A bad workman quarrels with his tools. Your life is your own affair. A good knowledge of English will improve your chances of employment. He has completed the task. They have to work hard to support their family.

Be quiet!

Would you please go to a dancing party with me? Time is money. He suggests you leave here at once. The sight of the dead body scared him stiff. He paused for a reply.

I love you!

He is in his everyday clothes. They employed him as a consultant. Tom’s birthday is this week. Love me, love my dog. Ice cream is popular among children. Ice cream is popular among children.

Control yourself!

Money is so intangible, it’s almost like a promise and a piece of paper.

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