What I’m Reading: Avoiding Picking Up Poop Edition

I avoid lots of chores by instead “working” on growing my blog. It’s really a fine way to spend the 5-6 hours I’m home alone on Saturday, even though that’s also prime chore doing time. (I am more likely to do chores when there aren’t people here to distract me.) One of the chores that comes along with having dogs is picking up poop. Not only has it been a while since we’ve picked up the yard due to weather, we now have a third dog in the house. It desperately needs to be done.

So what am I doing? I’m here, putting together another Saturday issue of What I’m Reading.


Charles over at Money Green Life gives us the Warning Signs of Too Much Debt

American Debt Project shares 10 Ways to Save Money

Not that Sam needs me to promote Financial Samurai, but I was a flaming feminist pretty involved in his discussion on The Gender Wage Gap and A Solution to Income Equality, so it’s only fair I share.

To go along with that, Aloysa of My Broken Coin let her husband, Beaker take over the keyboard for this great post On Women’s Liberation, Manhood, and My Wife

At Broke Professionals, Marie wrote about the $10 a Week Difference- would you believe that is exactly the difference that was made to my paycheck by me upping my withholdings? $10 more a week, here I come.

And finally, I want to highlight a brand new (I’m talking 2 weeks old) financial blog that I came across this week. Over at This, That, and the MBA, Christopher is just starting to share his life and the family’s financial plan with us. Right now, they’re considering a personal loan in order to consolidate their credit card debts. Christopher- just remember, once those cards are paid off, cut them up, freeze, do something so that the balance doesn’t come back.